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Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2012 06:02 AM

I made $3,000 last month...

This is not exactly a "system or strategy" I am posting but you could call it "my strategy" because I've been quite successful betting this season. 
Unlike a lot of cappers here that just post their picks and plays, I have the winning bets to prove my wins (look under my "Album" followed by month):-
Every time I make money, I withdraw the balance leaving $50 to play with, so my "strategy" works for any gambling enthusiast with limited means. 
A bit about myself and what sports I specialise in are found in my "About" page. 
Now, just thought I'd share my picks and plays with you. The majority of my bets are parlays as you could see. I don't play in "units" though I will be monitoring it here. I'll post the exact bet I do everyday with the exact amount of money I play. 
I will be starting with bankroll of $1,000.00 here and see how well I go.
I'm by no means a pro gambler and only have made about $6,000 this season on sports as I don't risk a lot (except if I may profits). And like all gamblers, I do go on streaks and I am VERY hot right, check out my bets on my page for verification!
P.S. I don't gamble every day. Sometimes even weeks, it just depends on how busy I am, or how confident I feel of a play that day. This is only a hobby for me. ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 23, 2012 07:23 AM

Fantasy Football Guru answer your questions

Actually I won't call myself a guru but to be honest I'm here to promote my Facebook page where you can ask any questions fantasy related (please like my link):- A brief bio is found there
Well not really, I could still answer your questions here. Cut to the chase, I have one of the highest Yahoo Performance Profiles in the world (since 2006) and only compete in money leagues these days. Profile itself is self-explanatory to justify my knowledge. 
I also prior to the start of the season compiled a comprehensive list of 20 IDPS which I posted here. Also gave specific detailed argumental reasons why D.Murray should not be drafted that early/be avoided, as for Forte and McFadden too over other RBs (and so far working out nicely). Apart from those few posts that I haven't really posted much here. 
With me you get detailed analysis and justification in answer to your question unless the answer is simple enough to warrant no justification at my discretion. 
For people bashing this thread, I'd say go create your own thread or provide supporting evidence in rebuttal. 
I have vast knowledge in NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL. 
Why I'm doing this. Well as I live in New Zealand, I have too much free time on my hand which allows me to track live games during working hours! ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, April 26, 2011 03:28 AM

New MLB Chase System

3x chase system. We are chasing pitchers depending on matchups. This system treated me well last season so hopefully it'll have the same success this season. Please, no comments until 3 weeks into the system as I will not be answering questions, except posting plays. I will post plays where applicable. 

Tomorrow, 26 April 2011:-

Unders 9 runs - Baltimore (Britton) v Boston (Buchholz) 
Unders 7 runs - Houston (Norris) v St Louis (Garcia) 


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