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Posted Thursday, June 07, 2012 10:42 PM

UFC on Fox 3

UFC 9-4-0
Bellator 1-0-0
Strikeforce 1-0-0
Leans:  6-2

I am actually really looking forward to this fight card tomorrow guys.  There are some really interesting match ups style wise that can result in a fun and entertaining night.  We might as well make some money while we're at it!
Justin Salas (8U)- Over the last few years this kid has gone from just a wrestler to solid and well rounded mixed martial artist.  He's athletic, he's hungry, he's surrounded by a great team, and he's going to become a name in the lightweight division.  I like Means, I think he is a scrappy guy and respect his come forward type style.  I think this style plays right into Salas' game plan though.  These two will stand and trade, but once that length becomes even a wince of an issue, Justin will take this to the mat and grind on Means.  This thing probably goes to a decision with Salas winning at least 2 of the 3 rounds.  Book it.
Jared Papazian (5U)- This kid came into his debut on a little more than 2 weeks notice against a GAME opponent in Mike Easton and impressed the hell out of me.  The kid has one gear and one speed and always looks to press the action.  Dustin Pague is average at best.  Papazian should turn this into the gritty type scrap that he like and wants.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a stoppage here, but Papazian gets his hand raised one way or another.
Leonard Garcia (5U)- This fight seems li... [More]

Posted Friday, June 01, 2012 03:41 PM


UFC 8-3-0
Bellator 1-0-0
Strikeforce 1-0-0
Leans:  4-2

Well, after storming out of the gates we hit a little rough patch @ UFC 146.  Ended up going 0-2 on official plays with Bang/Del Rosario.  You know what we now?!  Move onto the next one!  :)
I didn't do a whole lot of wagering on the TUF Live fights this season.  With the TUF format it's safe to assume that a lot of the guys are going into the cage super banged up and leaves room some crazy results.  No way in the world would I have thought that Lawrence and Proctor lose, and on the SAME NIGHT no less.  Anyway, my point careful with these TUF guys tonight.
Martin Kampmann (4U)-  It is interesting to see the amount of people who are predicting Ellenberger to just absolutely steamroll Kampmann tonight.  Don't get me wrong, Jake has the power to put lights out with one big right hand.  I really like Martin Kampmann here though.  He has the all around skills AND gas tank to turn this into a grinder and really tire Jake out in the later rounds.  It is hard to forget the way Ellenberger faded in the 3rd round of the Diego fight.  This being a 5 rounder, it works favorably for Kampmann.  I don't think Jake is keeping up for 5 rounds.  
Jonathan Brookins (5U)- I love smart fighters guys.  I'm talking guys like Kenny Florian who really work smarter rather than harder.  Brookins is one of those guys, imo. &... [More]


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