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Posted Sunday, February 07, 2010 11:45 PM

Jim Caldwell screwed his team by......

Being super conservative before half.

He tries to run the clock out. Why the hell did you do that?  They have been aggresive all season and you have the best qb in the game. Pure stupidty. I understand run to get out of your endzone but you still had 2 minutes to do damage. The momentum went into half with NO even after being stuffed at the 1. NO played the game to win!!

Indy played not to lose.

Congrats to the N.O Saints!!! They deserve it.

Posted Monday, November 30, 2009 08:08 AM


I finally saw the brawl that almost happend. Pete Carrol is classless after that.

You know how there is unspoken rules in sports. You don't throw a bomb when you can take a knee to end it type of stuff.

One thing for sure is going to happen next year Barkley is going to get knocked out of the game. Whoever returns for UCLA will be out for blood. Number 91 for usc pretty much saying bring it on will got chopped and probably get injured in the game.

Every returning UCLA player will look at the tape the night before and Bring it. I know they already do but be cheap shots will happen and technically it's fair.

Carroll just proved he is a big of a dooch bag as Urban Meyer.

Posted Sunday, November 08, 2009 06:42 PM

The Detroit Lions

Why is this team the worst franchise in all of sports?

First Ownership. We have a fucking inept owner who has no fucking clue. Since you have bought the team you have won, one playoff game. You hired the worst GM in NFL history. You put together the worst team in NFL history by going 0-16.

Next to start rebuilding what do you do? You build inside out. You go after Matt Stafford who FUCKING SUCKED in College. I don't care that he has all the tools. He wasn't a winner and did not have the IT!! Factor. He can break plates and hit the goal post on command but do you know what happens in games? He throws to the other team. You know why we drafted him? Because Ford wants a poster boy not a team that wins. FYI he also wanted Joey Harrington. How did he turn out.

Second we have no talent. Calvin Johnson is the only player we have and he after next year. Guess what? He is leaving.

I'm sick and fucking tired of this team being so bad! I want them to be good. They are my favorite team in all of sports. But why do I have to have the worst owner in the history of sports. P.S. Raider fans... At least you won a Superbowl.

3rd Drafts. Why do you try to keep building your team on offense? How do you win superbowls? DEFENSE. And we have been the worst defense or in that category for the past 10 years.

Where is the hope for a lions fan? How can you say to us there is a future? Until Ford gives up the team we will always be terrible. I know&... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 06:54 PM

Antoine Walker Goes Broke and Bankrupt

I mean seriously. You make $110 Million over 12 years and after taxes that is roughly around $70 million?

I understand you want to help people and get everything you have ever wanted but don't you think, I can't play bball forever and take say $5-10 million of that and put it away and let it collect money in a cd or mutual fund something?

I really don't feel sorry for people who blow it like that. My dad always taught me to make sure you have backup no matter what.

What do you guys think?

Posted Saturday, August 08, 2009 01:18 PM

Life Insurance Money.

So Today my brother called me and we got my dads life insurance money. Its nothing major. 60k spread out to My 2 brothers and I.
The reason I bring it up is because I need the money to pay off some bills. (My wifes wedding ring) but I feel bad getting this money. It's because my father died. I would give it all back stay in debt the rest of my life for 2 minutes with the guy. My dad and I didn't have the best relationship until I moved out of his house. I moved to California and that made our relationship better. We finally got to get to know one another. It's wierd that it took that for us to finally get close. I can't describe how happy I am that he saw me get married. My brothers are older but have not yet.
Overall I feel like this money is not mine and feel guilty for taking it. Is that wierd?
Thanks fellas,

Posted Friday, January 02, 2009 02:56 AM

Dear Detroit Lions....

A memo to the Lions on how they should handle the draft this spring:
Please do us a favor and don't draft Stafford or Bradford. Take a page out of the book that Miami did. Take the best player and thats Andre Smith. One thing you have done for far to long is build the wrong way. Build from the inside out now.
Build that O-line and d-line. You have your starting rb for a few years. You have your star receiver. Get a solid qb and think about next year for a qb.

With your second first round pick go defensively. I'm a DB or LB would be nice. Then in the 2nd round get Duke Robinson from Oklahoma. He is a stud at Guard.
The main reason you don't take a qb because who is going to protect him? Bradford is a shotgun Qb. I don't think he is ready. Stafford has the tools but isn't ready for the NFL. There is no Flacco or Ryan in this draft.
Then with all your other picks look at the defensive side of the ball. Get some speed because we are way to dam slow.

Posted Thursday, November 27, 2008 03:49 PM

Rod Marinelly do us a favor....

Can you do the Fans of Detroit a favor.....   QUIT!!   You could be the worst coach in lions history.  What does that mean.... You are possible the worst coach in Football History. You're team with "Your guys" who you wanted on this team are fucking pathetic. You took every Tampa Bay cast off for your system that supposedly works. But how do you give up 400+ yards every week. How does your defense who supposedly knows the system give up over 200+ yards rushing every week?   Why because you are garbage. You have no Idea how to coach. You should have never been a head football coach. You may know how to coach lineman but you don't know how to coach a team.   That said above: Your defense line sucks ass and can't ever get pressure. Please get the Fuck out of town. Admit you suck as a coach! Apologize to the fans of Detroit. You took 4 years to implement a garbage system and draft shitty players like Jordan Dizon who is your type of guy and a 2nd round pick but yet can't play because oh wait he is not ready. How does he not play for a team who is 0-11.   Please don't have the same speech that you need to watch tape after this game either. Stop hiding behind the fact that you need to watch tape. What do you need to watch that your system sucks and "Your Guys" are garbage and would not start for anybody on any other team including the Rams and Chiefs.   Please just apologize for the fact that you have lost the past 20 games in a row... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 14, 2008 02:13 PM

Detroit Lions Fans come on in an vent

I'm sick of this garbage. What the fuck is going on? Why does Millen have a job. The guy does nothing but bring in garbage players. How have your drafts fare out. Joey Harrington? Chuck Rodgers? Mike Williams? Great top 10 picks. I think they are all out of the NFL. Then you hire a coach with no expierence at head coach and he has no clue. He tells you I want my old tampa players and you give him that and they are even worse now. No more excuses that you don't have supposed "your guys" playing for you because you do.   I don't know why you guys just don't quit because you have done nothing for this orginization. You are the dumbest coach and gm combo in the business.   I'm sick of hearing every week we are making progress but yet we show up and don't do shit and you guys make your money. You are stealing from the lions and most importantly the fans.   William clay Ford is the biggest asshole of them all. If he had a soul he would give up the lions. But us stupid Lions fan keep buying tickets every game because we WANT THEM TO BE GOOD. But that good ole saying he become to clear "Same old Lions." I will not be attending another Lions game until Millen is fired. This team is my favorite team. I love them because I love football.   This team keeps losing and losing but yet every draft pick we bring in is a bust. General Managers are supposed to know how to identify talent. But we have the dumbest GM Ever in any sport and he does not have the balls t... [More]


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