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Posted Wednesday, December 24, 2014 04:59 PM

Ive been moosed before and worse than that

Had my max ( 1K) on the over, but was getting antsy when it was sitting at 63, and laid off half of it on various in-game lines. Had some juicy middles that ended up falling one by one.  The last td cost me a 100$ bet, still made close to 500.00 on game.

Personally my worst moose was last years cotton bowl,  I had large for game and 2nd half, after trailing most game they mount rally, and are in red zone down by 3. Was already winning the 2nd half, and a td would clinch both bets,  even a fg would be fine.

Only a defensive td would screw me, and sure enough a 77 yard scoop and score cost me both bets, and for substantial coin.

Posted Friday, October 09, 2009 01:48 PM

A spelling and grammar lesson for y'all

This is just a rant but I need to vent,I am tired of people confusing the word LOSE with LOOSE. They are 2 totally different words!
Example # 1:  "My arse is LOOSE because I let Tony Romo violate me"  is the correct use of the word LOOSE
Example # 2 :  "I cannot LOSE this bet because some bald LOSER on a tout show told me it is a lock" is the correct use of LOSE.
same applies to LOSING and LOOSING
thank you.

Posted Saturday, September 26, 2009 11:34 AM

Laffingboys-Saturdays picks-On a roll so I'd like to share

so far this week, 2-1

Gamecocks +4: 3 units-win
Cocks/Rebels over 52: 1 unit- loss
Tigers-7              4 units-win

Buffalo + 3- How can Temple be favored over anyone? Sure they covered against Penn, but Pa Joe seems to have lost his urge to destroy opponents.  Buffalo suffered from late turnovers and lost a game they should have covered and probably won in Central FLA last week. 2 units

Rice + 7.5- Got an early line on this one, its moved to 6.5 now.  Rice is not a good time, but it seems they have enough firepower to stay in games, they were not embarrassed by Oklahoma, and in fact, were within 11 points of them early in the Fourth quarter.  I dont expect them to win, but their offense should keep it within 7 points. 4 units

TCU + 3 - Another early week bonus, line is now 2.5, This Tcu team has been overlooked for a couple of years, they blew it last November when they dominated Utah all game and lost on a last second drive after Tcu's kicked missed 2 chipshot fg's that would have put the game away. If they won that game they would been on their way to a BCS bowl game. As for this game, Clemson struggled last week against a very poor BC team, and the struggles will continue against a very strong defensive Tcu squad.
PLAY OF THE DAY- 5 units

P.S- the the loss by Tcu against Utah, foreshadowed  the nightmare of the bowl season that I had, I... [More]


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