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Posted Sunday, November 13, 2011 11:00 AM

**NFL - Big Play -- This Teaser will CASH**

I'm normally not all hype at all & usually play just straight money management & play for the long-term, but found a teaser that I really like & gonna play it pretty large...  GL to everyone

7-team 12.5 point Teaser (+205) -- 5dimes

1.  Pittsburgh +8

2.  Giants +16

3.  Ravens +4.5

4.  Rams +14.5

5.  Buffalo +17.5

6.  Philly -2.5

7.  Cam Newton +9

$2,350 to win $4,817.50  

Posted Thursday, November 10, 2011 02:43 PM

**NCAAF Thrs. Night 11/10 - 3 plays**

Georgia Tech +1 (-108) 2u

Ohio -7 (-113) 2u

Tulane+35 (-108) 2u

GL everyone..  Have a good Thursday night 

Posted Wednesday, November 09, 2011 05:55 PM

**Wed. 11/9/2011 -- YTD - 0-0-0 +0.00u**

3 plays tonight...  Hoping these teams take care of business tonight.

NCAAB YTD -  0-0-0  +0.00units

Arizona -8.5 (-108) 2u

Texas a&m -20.5 (-108) 2u

4 team ML Parlay
Temple (ncaaf), SJU, A&M, Zona  (-167) 2u

GL everyone..  here's to a profitable season & hoping the NBA comes back so we can make even more 

Posted Thursday, October 27, 2011 04:36 AM

**NCAAF Week 9.. ats picks, 2 teasers & 1 parlay**

What's up fellas??  Hope the season is going well for everyone..  Had some time to post what I'm on, because can not sleep at all..  Been an up & down year for me that's for sure.. as of last Thursday I was +65 units on the year..  now at +32.66 units (only 1 winning night in my last 5)...
Been a VERY brutal stretch, but feeling good about the weekend & turning everything around..  Will post game bets (all flat bet 2 units) on gameday, but for now I'm on a couple teasers & a parlay..  Really like the long-shot.  May come up a game or two short, but really like my chances.
13 pt. Teaser (5dimes):  4.00u to win 7.00 units:  Iowa-2, Oklahoma-.5, Ok. St -1.5, Saints-.5, Ravens-1, Pats+10.5, Cowboys+16.5
13 pt. Teaser (5dimes):  3.00u to win 22.06 units: Long-shot Play...  11am games--  Mich State+17, Michigan-.5, Va. Tech-2,2:30 games-- Iowa-2, Illinois+18.5, Georgia+10, Oklahoma-.5, Ok. St -1.5, 7:00p games-- Wisky+5.5, Stanford+5.5NFL Sunday-- Saints-.5, Ravens-1, Pats+10.5, Cowboys+16.5
9 Teamer (5dimes):  3.00u to win 6.07 units:  Houston-5600, Oklahoma-500, Ok. St-550, Saints-1000, Ravens-850, iowa-650, va. tech-650, michigan-500, notre dame-1500
GL everyone   ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2011 12:07 PM

8/23 w/ writeups

really like the card today..  GL every1!    ytd = 194-237-16 +16.70units..  All plays risking 1.67u.
AZ v. Wash. Under 6.5 (+128)  -  With arizona struggling to hit during the slump they're in, i don't see that changing when Washington sends out Zimmerman on the hill tonight..  Washington hasn't exactly been on fire at the plate either & with Kennedy going for the D'backs i like my chances hitting this under.  Both of these guys are premier pitchers and have nasty stuff..  Zimmerman is riding 11 2/3 scoreless stretch & Kennedy has won 7 of 8 mowing teams down.
Twins v. O's Over 9.5 (+123) -- although target field isn't a hitters friendly place & the twins struggle to score runs i really like this Over.  Duensing is really up and down, but when he is hot he can be really really good, while the same can be said about when he isn't pitching very well...  Duensing has been terrible in his 4 starts so far in August w/ an ERA over 6.  Simon has been just as bad his last 3, w/ an era over 7....  Orioles can hit and they should rough up Duensing tonight, if they do the Twins have nobody in the pen that isn't on short rest.  I don't think simon or duensings troubles end tonight and we see a balty 8-5 win.
Brew-Crew -1.5 (+122) -- i'm basically not trusting ohlendor in this one and hoping that estrada will go out with a bang after leaving the rotation.  I ... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 18, 2011 07:03 PM

mlb 8/18

have been kind of brutal on the bases this season...  Playing a lot of dogs, RL's & keeping risk low has kept me in the positive even though my record isn't very good.

 ytd = 190-234-16 +13.19 units..  all non-posted,  thought i would throw a few plays on here tonight tho..

appreciate everyone's hard work they put into the grind of the baseball season..  don't usually play parlays, but laying some heavy chalk tonight, haha  --  GL every1 

oakland +105 (1u)
giants -120 (1u)
cleveland -120 (1u)
d'backs +122 (1u)

angels & yanks (+151 - risk 1u)
yanks & boston (+131 - risk 1u)

3 teamer= yanks, angels & bosox (+296 - risking .5u)

GL every1 & have a great night watchin' the games  

Posted Tuesday, July 19, 2011 12:52 PM

**MLB 7/19/2011 -- YTD Covers 0-0-0**

Haven't posted in a long time, but want to get back into playing my plays on here & on Twitter.  Maybe it can help someone out?  Looks like a lot of people are doing well here & I hope everyone keeps it up the rest of the 2nd half!

I have a little different view on here then most, I like playing picks with value.  Sometimes I get screwed by it, when playing RL's and losing by .5 a run, but I like getting the odds to work in my favor & have an expectation of hitting a lower percentage & losing those games by .5 to me is better then laying -150 & up.

Posted Friday, April 15, 2011 05:31 PM

**MLB Friday 4/15 -- YTD 20-31-2 (-3.48u)**

What up fellas?  Been awhile since I posted on Covers, but gonna try my best to get on here & put my plays in..  I've been killen' it in the NBA/NCAA but can't say the same about the Bases..

Started off the season 10-6 & was up a little bit more then 7 units, but hit a little cold streak & took a little break while the baskets were fininshin' up..  So the record stands at 20-31-2 (-3.48 units)..

I take a little bit of a different approach where I love baseball, because of all the +money..  I love live dogs & also love takin' faves to win by 2.  I refuse to pay more then -105 & my goal is to hit around 50% for the year..  Ok enough talk for now, here are my Friday plays...

Orioles (-104)
Brewers -1.5 (+135)
Seattle 1st 5 -.5 (+150)
Redsox -1.5 (+125)
Texas +120
Cincy -1.5 (+120)
Philly -1.5 (+115)
Sf/Arizona Under 4.5 first 5 (+100)
Detroit +124

GL everyone & glad to be back!! 

Posted Saturday, October 30, 2010 06:34 PM

**NBA Saturday -- 10/30/2010**

--10/29/10 Recap--
ATS  --  2-2-0  -0.16 u
O/U  --   5-4-0  +1
.14 u
Day Total -- 7-6-0  +0.98 units
NBA 2010-2011  ---  17-17-0  +0.20 units  (50.00%)
ATS  --   5-8-0   -3.50 units
O/U  --   12-9-0  +3.70 units

Posted Friday, October 29, 2010 02:18 AM

**NBA Friday -- 10/29/2010**

--10/28/10 Recap--
ATS  --  1-1-0  -0.02 u
O/U  --  0-0-0  +0.00 u
Day Total -- 1-1-0  -0.02 units
NBA 2010-2011  ---  10-11-0  -0.78 units  (47.62%)
ATS  --   3-6-0   -3.34 units
O/U  --   7-5-0  +2.56 units

**All Total Plays = 1.5 units
**All ATS/ML Bets = 1 unit



kings/nets under 198
hawks/76ers under 193.5
cavs/raptors under 194.5
pacers/bobcats over 194.5
knicks/celtics over 195.5
magic/heat under 186
bucks/wolves under 201.5
grizz/mavs under 199.5
lakers/suns under 210

*Leaning heavy towards the unders right now, but a number of these are just leans right now.  Could very well change by the morning, a lot of the lines are close to a number where it would make it a no play or even sway it to the other side-- be interesting to see where the #'s end up.


Kings +2
bobcats -5.5
OKC -6
T'pups +4
grizz +10.5

Be back in the am for final plays w/ odds --  hoping to get the season in the green for the first time on NBA Friday Night!!  fellas
... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 28, 2010 02:21 AM

**TNT Thursday-- Day #3**

--10/27/10 Recap--
ATS  --  1-4-0  -3.26 u
O/U   --  6-4-0  +2
.64 u
Day Total -- 7-8-0  -0.62 units
NBA 2010-2011  ---  9-10-0  -0.76 units  (47.37%)
O/U   --   2-5-0   -3.32 units
ATS  --   7-5-0  +2.64 units

**All Total Plays = 1.5 units
**All ATS/ML Bets = 1 unit

Posted Monday, July 26, 2010 02:59 AM

**+ Money Baseball Discussion, How to make $$ betting Baseball, & Picks**

I wanted to get a little discussion going talking about +money in baseball & all the value that there is in this sport..  For the past couple weeks I've been really thinking about only betting +money & just started doing this & tracking only +money plays since Friday.. 

The best thing about betting only +money is you don't have to hit at a high clip to come out profitable at the end of the season..  Like anything in life it's important to have a goal & a sense of direction as to where your headed..

There are 5 important steps to being successful & profitable in Sports Investing & it's no different in baseball than it is football or basketball..
1.  Money Management -- Above everything else this is the most important aspect.  If someone wants to be profitable & truly make money long term this is the only way to go.  Take the gamble out of gambling & turn it into investing.  Take money out that you don't need for daily/monthly necessities & keep it separate from everything else.  No more than 3-5% of your bankroll should be wagered on one play.  I actually like keeping this between 1-2%, but if you're wagering more than 5% of your entire roll you def. got too much on the table.  You may hit it big once or twice, but the chances of that continuing to happen are very slim.  Believe me I've hit it big before, but I've also lost big & when you lose a big one you're out o... [More]


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