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Posted Wednesday, October 05, 2011 10:12 PM

lechero417 ats pool

have a slim 2 game lead at 39-25 ytd, short concise input is appreciated, picks are due by noon friday, 25 pp. in the pool, end of season is a nice payout, here's my picks, need some help w/ leans, get opening lines so no changes

indy -2.5, kc got theirs, indys turn this week

minn - 2.5, just like indy and sick of hearing about the suck factor

phil at buff +2.5 , another 2.5 death line, small lean to buff

houston -6, until they show otherwise, concerned w/ aj out

car +6, feel new orleans is a sucker bet, car w/ some revenge in a series they have done very well ats

pitt -3.5 small lean, think they are sick of hearing it too but hard to fix OL and DL woes in a week

jax -2.5, small lean it a shit game

seattle +10 strong lean

sf -3 vs tbay, not a clue

jets + 9 , a scary lean, NE has killed them in foxborough of late

sd-4, denver was my worst pool bet last week

green bay -5.5strong lean, i lost big on atl in LY playoff, pack is rolling, atl close to reeling

det - 5.5, finally at home and have like quadruple decade revenge

so looking for some helpful input on leans and no clues,call me out if i'm way off base w/ my picks, my gut feels i have too many faves this week, but opening lines were favorable, thanks for any help


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