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Posted Monday, November 18, 2013 09:37 AM

A Journey from 10$ to $10,000....

Yeah!! I know..it's dumb.... but starting with $10 and ending up with 10,000 in 4 weeks with rollover bets at an average -330 odds..??(you might have done this a dozen times already) Sounds kinda interesting. And losing 10$ doesn't really hurt I guess. Anyone interested ??? Please feel free to comment, share your plays,ideas and stuff (Pleaaassseeeeee no rude comments & money management lectures..it's just...$10...!!). I will be posting my plays...

Posted Monday, October 07, 2013 02:03 AM

I'm 22 work hard all week for minimum wage

 and blow up everything on these games!! I tried everything. Quit Alcohol..no more parties..I f**cked up a lot of times under the influence of Alcohol. I spend hours and hours trying to cap this shite..I end up 2-8 if I take a lot of games..or 0-2 if I take less games. What is the Solution to this. This happens with Football , MLB, Soccer and every other sport I wager on. The opposition breaks all kinds of records on the teams I bet on. Is this a sign of something ?? I know I'm not that bad..but C'mon..my last 20 picks went 2-18 !!!! 10 months of losing ,debts and stuff. I'm not giving up though. Any advice should be helpful. Don't be rude Please :(


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