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Posted Tuesday, March 16, 2010 09:00 AM

All this talk about expanding the tournament

I am so sick of all this talk because of all the cry babies that get left out of the tournament. None of these teams have a chance to win the thing so all you would be doing is just adding a bunch of teams that have no chance. Why dont they just let anyone play PGA tour events too. Sure maybe I am a 12 handicap but I could have the best 4 rounds of my life and win the Masters! Give me a break. If anything they could lower it down to 32 teams and it would be fine. It is hard enough to win 6 games in a row let alone 7 if you expanded it so what happens when the best teams stumble a game and you end up with a Final Four featuring Richmond, Temple, St. Marys and BYU. Then how great will your expansion look you idiots. By adding more teams you are just diluting the product. We already got enough bowl games that nobody watches just so everyone can have a bowl game. We dont want to hurt anyones feelings. If you want to make the tournament its very simple. Just have a better team and win more games. If your record isnt good enough to get in the tournament then you arent good enough to win it so just forget about it. Or maybe they could just let everyone in it and that way noone gets left out. They could expand it to 300 teams and just let the shit run for 3 months. This is something that really pisses me off!


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