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Posted Tuesday, July 07, 2009 08:37 AM

SEC Power Ratings & Discussion

Going to do this for the BCS conferences...   Florida - 100 Georgia - 89.5 Tennessee - 82.5 South Carolina - 80.5 Vanderbilt - 79 Kentucky - 76.5   Alabama - 89 LSU - 89 Ole Miss - 88.5 Arkansas - 86 Auburn - 81 Mississippi State - 73   Pretty clear that Gators are easily the best team in the conference.  Not sure they deserve any less than a DD spread against any team in the conference on a neutral site or in Gainesville.   While UGA actually ranks 2nd in the conference in my ratings, I think there is potential for them to drop a bit.  I can see them losing to Okie State and Arkansas early on, getting off to a rough start and struggling a bit the entire season.  Back-to-back games at Tennessee and Vandy should be tough and I think they likely lose one of them.  Not a bunch of major weaknesses with this group, but just a very tough slate to start.  I see 4 losses...maybe 5 if they really struggle and drop one at home to LSU.   Where UGA has potential to move down, Tennessee has some potential to move up with a favorable schedule.  If the backfield establishes themselves early on they could make quite a jump.  The Florida game will be a loss, but they should win the other 4 home games before UGA comes to town.  If they pull that off, which I see as a real possibility, they'll be 5-1 with SC, Memphis, Vandy, and UK still on the schedule.   Just not much to get excited with when it come... [More]

Posted Friday, June 12, 2009 11:16 AM

My NCAAF early sleepers

These are teams I think could surprise...not necessarily win the NC, but compete for one unexpectedly.  You know, the 2008 Alabamas and Penn States of the world...   LSU - What a brutal schedule these guys have, playing @ UGA, Florida, @ Bama, and @ Ole Miss.  But, I like how things set up.  QB play is iffy, but the skill position players on offense are almost all back.  The D looks questionable, but they bring in one of the best DC's out there in Chavis, who did a great job at UT last year.  Remember the work Muschamp did with Texas last year?  Think of that.  I trust LSU to beat the Rebs, I think they can beat Georgia and/or Alabama on the road if they're playing well enough, and they have as good a shot as anyone to knock off Florida.  A dangerous sleeper IMO.   Illinois - This team probably wins the B10 and makes its way back to the BCS for the 2nd time in three years.  They catch both OSU and PSu early, before either team gets a chance to figure out all their questions on offense - more importantly, getting PSU at home.  OSU could potentially sleepwalk after the USC game if they lose, and the leadership just isn't quite there like it has been the past few years.  The Illini return nearly every weapon on offense and are way under the radar.  Fairly smooth sailing after they play Penn State.   That's all for now, will continue later...feel free to post your thoughts and/or sleepers... ... [More]


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