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Posted Monday, January 03, 2011 09:58 AM

The Detroit Lions were the best bet this season

If you bet on my Lions (which i did going against the number one rule in betting don't bet with your heart) you made some money with them going an amazing 12-4 against the spread.  Watch out for my boys next year.  If they can pick up in either the draft or through free agency one more huge offensive lineman and a real good quick corner they will be real tough to beat.  Should have finished this year with a better record considering they were ripped off in a couple of games and just did not have the killer instict in a few games late.  No matter they will be a team to be reckoned with next year for sure.

Posted Friday, January 29, 2010 12:03 PM

Are the 72 Dolphins the best team of all time................

Trying to settle an argument here with another poster named supadame.  Are the 1972 Dolphins the best NFL team of all time because they ended up with a perfect record that season.  To post please post with a thumbs up if you think they are or a thumbs down if you think the best NFL team is quite arguable perfect record or not.  supadame i am a man of democracy if this thread gets more thumbs up than thumbs down i will apologize to you and you have to do the same if it is more thumbs down.  If posters want they can elaborate on there direction of thumbs but please at least post with a thumbs up or thumbs down.  Thanks.  This should be real interesting.

Posted Wednesday, December 16, 2009 12:36 PM

People magazine reporting...

Elin to divorce Tiger.  If thats the case Tiger will be back on tour in time for the Masters.  He will want to get back to golf,  only trouble is were will his head be at.  I really think this is the only way to end this story and i'm sure it will end all the rag stories and tv stories.  Time for them both to move on with their lives.

Posted Saturday, November 21, 2009 11:25 PM

Why is everyone so sure Oakland covers against Cincy.....

I can't believe so many people are on here thinking Oakland will cover the 9.5 against Cincy.  Last week i could understand a little that Green Bay would cover against Dallas but still shouldn't have happened.  But then again Dallas is inconsistent.  I know Benson is out but the big thing here is Cincy's defence.  They held the Super Bowl Champs to 12 pts and they actually have an offence.  I can't se Oakland scoring a pt against this D and so if Cincy can some how muster up 10 they cover.  A bit of an exageration but i think you get the pt.

Posted Wednesday, June 24, 2009 07:23 AM

How many majors will Tiger win?

Obviously Tiger just dosen't have the eye of the Tiger anymore.  Its like Jack Niclaus said that Tiger will be very dominant until he becomes married and has a family and then his priorities will change and i think they have.  Sure he has won a couple of tournaments this year but look at the field in those tournaments compared to Majors.  I really think his one and only goal now is to surpass Jack with 19 Majors and you will see him drop off completely.  I mean the man has a beautiful wife and daughter so far and probably will have more children and what does he have close to a billion dollars.  I think he may surpass Jack in Majors but it may take him at least five more years giving him one a year over the next five.  But there are a lot of hungry younger golfers out there who also want the notch in their belt to say they have won the Majors also.   I might be wrong but he just dosen't seem to be the same dominant golfer he once was.  Jack said his best years were between 32-35 and Tiger is 33.  I personally think it would be great for golf for Tiger to set a new Majors record.   Records are made to be broken and i really hope he surpasses Jack.

Posted Tuesday, June 09, 2009 08:45 AM

Quit with the conspiracy theory

As far back as the LORD STANLEY CUP has been contested for games have been won by the home team back and forth.  The old rivalrys of Leafs and Canadiens, Red Wings and Leafs, Red Wings vs Canadiens and so on and so on.  And sometimes the series went seven sometimes six.  So please just because some asshole named Bettman is running the league and he is an asshole i wish the owners would can his ass.  But this is not a conspiracy.  If you have ever played the game there are ebbs and tides in series like this and i think a big ebb was when Stall scored that short handed goal because if Detroit would have scored on that power play it would have been 3-1 and i think the series would be over now.   No matter Detroit is the better hockey team, can they still lose this series sure.  But please this has been a great series to date if it goes seven great but this is not the assassination of JFK this is not a conspiracy.  jmho

Posted Friday, September 26, 2008 07:15 AM

I don't care bring back Matt Millen

It seems everyone was elated when Matt Millen was fired.  I have
been a lions fan for long time and will remain a true blue lions fan. I say bring back Matt Millen just give me a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning to get all the great receivers he drafted the ball.  They have had some have decent backs but once again not one talented qb that could run the show.  You say why didn't he draft a qb its because they had to fill the other holes and one more bad season like this year and another first round draft choice and a great qb to be drafted we may have had that qb.  Bottom line we need a
'QUARTERBACK'  i know we have one but he couldn't make a good highschool team.  To bad Stanton got hurt i think he has some potential.


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