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Posted Thursday, October 04, 2012 04:55 PM

Boys of Fall Week 6

Thought I would give this a shot , given the fact I've been capping college ball for 5 years now. Never made a post but thought why not: 
Week 6 Picks:

***3* USC-14  , Bounce back for USC going up against to many Freshmen, USC must regain momentum tonight & what better time then a Thursday night show down for Kiffen & Barkley. Predict a 2nd half blowout!
*****5* Kansas State -24 Oh yes, this is my top play of the weekend, nothing like watching KS State run up the score on in state rival!!!

*****5* Oregon -24  If you think Arizona took an A** beating , You havent seen nothing yet!!! 

*****5*  Clemson -10 I firmly believe Clemson will expose GaTech for the no one's they are. Clemson certainly has the weapons to do it this year!

Best of Luck to all in week 6!!!




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