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best reliever still in the playoffs??????

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Posted Sunday, October 09, 2011 08:22 PM   9 comments
ogando, valverde, feliz. axford????

which guy do you think is the best reliever still in the playoffs?????

i though mo and ogando were the two best coming into the were down to four teams.

what you guys think???? 
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ManRam24 says:
10/09/11 08:44PM
Mike Adams...
timdogs17 says:
10/09/11 09:59PM

serious?  Wow, covers makes me laugh sometimes


I hate the man. However, Valverde is the best! Let's not debate this

payne034 says:
10/09/11 10:23PM

valverde save percentage wise but he loves to make things interesting


if i had to let one guy shut things down for me for one thing i would agree with man ram and say adams  he was a beast in san diego and in hitter friendly texas has been a beast

NoWorries21 says:
10/09/11 10:32PM

Valverde and Feliz both really good but love to make it interesting for sure. Adams is ok but has struggled in spot. (Got 0 outs the other day)


Ogando is the Rangers best reliever as of now. Since coming back from  being a starter he has a ton of confidence. You guys decide from there

mainmanmainman2 says:
10/09/11 10:39PM
ogando has faced 16 batters so far and only given up 1 hit.

i had mo, ogando, valverde when it was 8 teams...

valverde gets the job done but its rather ugly.
mainmanmainman2 says:
10/10/11 11:50PM

valverde is the besT!? ??  haha what a joke he is
NoWorries21 says:
10/11/11 08:45AM
Cant argue much about Ogando after another good outing. Has a ton of confidence since coming back to pen from being a starter all year.
mainmanmainman2 says:
10/13/11 12:47AM

i get a good laugh from you all day and night
mainmanmainman2 says:
10/16/11 12:05AM

ogando 2-0, while valvenus verde sucks!!!! 

told ya...

haaaaahaaaaaaa not debatable huh?
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