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Posted Tuesday, June 09, 2009 08:36 AM

Magic time

Can't see Orl going down 3-0 if they do statistically it's a sweep I can't cite them but I know the #s back me up. I was fearing a sweep after game one but true to form LA reverted back to an indifferent team in game 2, Kobe included (stop passing you know everyone, even your teammates expect you to shoot), restoring my hope in basketball past this Thursday. I expect a couple of wins from the boys in blue and a LA victory a week from tomorrow in LA to wrap it up.  Mathematically I believe this won't be a sweep therefore Orl must win game 3. Emotionally I feel LA, Kobe included, will not be as driven and will lose this game rather badly.  Psychologically LA reads the papers and listens to the radio and hears everyone, ESPN and the Ticket, saying it's done now that Orl blew their chance when Lee missed the layup so I think that LA will kinda kick back and expect to just coast, kinda like Miami and Dallas where Dallas planned a parade after they won game two then Miami won 4 straight (I live in Dallas and that collapse has decimated the franchise, see loss to warriors following year for proof). Kobe is definitely a great leader but I don't know if he's going to be able to get the boys fired up in this position and Phil does give a F and lets Kobe handle the motivating so I see apathy in LA for one game. Game 4 I believe LA will feel embarassed and I will be back on LA and expect a LA win SU but tomorrow it's all about the Magic. 106-96 Orl -4 Over 198... [More]


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