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Posted Thursday, December 16, 2010 12:54 AM

Nuggets/Spurs Under??

i dont see how the nuggets and spurs game will go over 213.5 points. 210 was the highests it has reach in the last couple years and that was in SA.


wats ur 2cents? im thinking about going big. but need ur 2cents ^^

Posted Wednesday, December 01, 2010 04:43 AM

Wednesday Player Bets

Im a big fan of players bet because i think its ez. well. only if u find the ez ones. my bets 2morrow so far are:

Blake Griffin (going huge bet) total pts + rerounds = 31.5 (over ofc, hes been avg. over 20 pts per game in the last 5 and over 10 rebound) last game i believe he had total pts and rebound combine for over 44. on top of everything. the over and under for this game is around 204.5. and that just tells you that blake and gooden r only be the only two scorer so that means blake will have plenty of shots plus 38+ minutes

Kevin Love (med bet) total pts + rebound = 34.5 (over) bcuz hes been the only guy on wolves to rebound and score besides beastly. avg over 10+ rebounds and 20+ pts also playing over 40+ mins

L. James (med bet) total assist and rebound = 15.5 (under) since when has he assist/pass when wade and bosh make their own plays. and 95% of the time. i bet he rather shoot the ball then pass it to someone else. check his stats. he has only reach 16 assist/round about 4 times this season

these bets have made me a few bucks lately. its a trend that i see. but gll good all

and ofc a few spread and o/u bets

but thats for my players bets ^^

Posted Sunday, November 28, 2010 05:25 AM

Sunday O/U Bets

Long time viewer. just made an account ^^

See Wat happens:

Tor Under 203.5

Det Under 205.5

NO Under 195.5

Lac Over 195.5

Nets Under 185

Hou Under 211

Lal Over 199


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