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Posted Sunday, November 04, 2012 05:57 AM

After Sandy!!!!!

I live here in Rutherford Nj , Metlife is in E Rutherford and I work in Carlstatd Nj. Half of Rutherford (next to E Rutherford) still out of power. Carlstadt (next town north of E Rutherford) still out of power may get it back this week. Metlife in E Rutherford Has there own power plant for stadium. But the street that almost everyone uses to park (paterson plank rd) Was closed down all week. I
spoke to a person in PSE&G and was told " If nothing else you BETTER have paterson plank rd open for the game on Sunday"

So I guess all the people around the stadium must be put on hold so the game goes off without any problems !!!!! I think the NFL can go F_ _ K them self !!!!

OH another thing Cruz was at an MRI office this week in the half of Rutherford that had power!!   


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