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Posted Monday, August 04, 2014 02:29 PM

2014/15 Bollox Futures, EPL, lower leagues, FR, Ger, Ita, Spa etc

ah, the world cup now fading into memory, back to domestic football and the start of the new league campaigns 
Like my world cup previews, we're gonna take this slow and day by day. You don't rush the good things in life 

Lets kick off with 20 men running aimlessly after a ball, yes lets look at league 2.
I've had the misfortune of watching a few games in this league although not for a number of years but what strikes you is the sheer lack of quality.
it means a side promoted from the conference has a great opportunity to win this league and I'm be keeping Luton on my side this season. Luton used to be in Division one (what the EPL used to be called) but tumbled down the leagues but they're back and won the conference in good style, they're 9-1 to win, they're playoff certainties but might find one or two too good.Portsmouth who were in the EPL just a few years ago are faves like they were last year but this club is still a mess even at this low level, I'm fine passing on them again, Bury are the other Joint faves and under progressive manager David Flitcroft, they will score plenty of goals with Lowe and Nardiello upfront. They finished 12th last season though and while they should be top 5, the price is way too short for me.
I'm going to play Shrewsbury at 10-1, they were relegated from League 1 last season and have had an absolute clearout, bringing in some quality from Championship and league 1 teams. The Shrews have a young ambitious scottish... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 12, 2010 12:13 AM

EPL FUTURES PROPS,what u need to know

i love betting futures, its like finding money down the back of the sofa and it gives you an interest in some boring games throughout the season. I've had something like 10 out of 11 winning seasons and after a very successful world cup, very much looking forward to the new season.
EPL winner : Manyoo's record under Fergie is astonishing, in his era they have monopolized the league and even though chelsea are champions, he'll be hungrier than ever to win it back. Manyoo were only just behind them at the end of last season, chelsea's squad is aging and manyoo have made the more meaningful signing - Hernandez over Benayoun. Rooney will put his world cup hangover behind him and they have some good youngsters coming thru.
Arsenal are a threat but their back four and goalie are suspect, wenger refuses to spend big bucks so could be another season without a trophy.Liverpool are in the awkward position of not knowing who will own them, while its good torres is staying, he's very injury prone and gerrard's best days are behind him, new boy cole hasnt shown much in recent years, more struggles for scousers.Man shitty are a one man transfer window and while they;ve bought some good players, no-one is world class, it remains to be seen who will leave and how they will all gel.No-one else is good enough to, at 12/5 manyoo are a sound bet to win, although u do have to wait 9 months for a payout of course... [More]

Posted Friday, August 06, 2010 11:29 AM

Soccer notes to know this season

I'll be looking at the EPL next week but as the lower leagues kick off this weekend and friday for the champiomship, lets get cracking on this.

First off, its very tough to pick winners in these leagues, teams are very much of similar ability and anybody can realistically finish anywhere, for example Blackpool were 2nd favorites to be relegated from the championship and they ended up being promoted to the EPL.

When looking at championship winners, the first place u look is at the teams relegated from the EPL but this year with so many teams in financial difficulties, you can draw a line thru Hull and pompey, they'll need to "consolidate" before they go forward.

Burnley have a chance back at this level but they will struggle still with a limited budget and resources.

I;m not big on backing faves here but its hard to get away from Middlesboro, they have been in the Prem for several years and have a great chairman in Steve Gibson who always allows his managers to buy who they want, Gordon strachan has bought some ex celtic and rangers players who are very useful at this level.

Grab the remaining 6-1.

They're is always a dark horse or two here , and I think Ipshit (ipswich) can finaly come good under Roy keane, 16-1 is fair, at the same prices, newly promoted Leeds and Norwich are also ex-EPL stalwarts but they may just need a season to rebuild before making a push the year after.

The other two dark horses for me are the ... [More]

Posted Sunday, April 18, 2010 04:26 PM

Why do women have sex with Larry King?

whether he had an affair or not, no smoke without fire etc and his soon-to-be ex wife is pretty hot. 
Ok, he's loaded but he looks like Skeletor from Masters of the Universe (thanks google)!
At least someone like say Donald Trump is not ancient and has not gone completely south in the looks department, King looks like he's just come out of a retirement home.

Posted Tuesday, April 06, 2010 10:36 AM

Champions league Tuesday

Early one first and Inter travel to Russia to play on the artificial pitch, You never quite know how Mourinho will approach the game but because its in unfamiliar territiory, I think he'll play safe and play for a draw, this is more of a betting in running event for me but the lean is under and a 1-1 draw.

Looking forward to another great spectacle in basque country and this could get ugly for arse fans, Messi and Bojan running against the likes of Campbell and maybe Silvestre if wenger is forced to play him, barca could run riot and without song and fabregas creating opportunities in midfield, arse many not even score, i'll be backing barca -1.5 and correct scores of 3-0, 4-0

can;t ignore all the overs in the baseball today, pitchers are clearly not ready, i'll be backing a few overs on the diamonds tomorrow

GL all

Posted Sunday, October 11, 2009 01:44 PM

why are US teams always world champions

so I've lived here around 7 years now and one thing I've never understood is why the respective world series winners, NBA champions, superbowl winners etc are always called "world champions".
Apart from the the Toronto raptors and excluding hockey, all teams are obviously all stateside so why call yerself world champions. The NFL I may give a pass on as there is not a comparable league in any other country but there are several very competitive basketball leagues in europe so NBA winners should definitely not be called world champions. Baseball is also played at a high level in the far east and in central america.
Do americans think their version of the sport is the best, is that teh reason, any views?


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