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Posted Monday, March 11, 2013 03:37 PM

The ACC Tournament

Alright, who's you're money on? Mine was on UNC Saturday night, still smarting from that one. Forgot how many Duke friends I had. Note, "had."  Onto the tournament in Greensboro-

I believe there are 3 teams who have a legitimate chance to win. Duke, Miami, and NC State (surprise, surprise). Duke right now is -150, MIA  +200,  NCST  +400. UNC is also +400, UVA +600, those are your five best odds at this time (your book may be different, if so, let's hear it).

Duke-150, No thanks. First of all, I don't like tourney odds that start with a "-". That would also require back to back wins over UNC and either MIA or NCST in all likelihood. Those odds don't reflect these difficult matchups imo.

MIA+200, a win over BC/GATECH will put them into the semifinals against either UVA or NCST/VATECH. The danger there is NCST imo. If they get to Sunday (and I think they will), a possible rematch looms with Duke and what then becomes +200 for the win on Sunday. I like that.

NCST +400, a Thursday win over VATECH pits them against UVA on Friday and sorry Cavalier fans, last time I checked, Greensboro's in N.C., and a stone's throw from Raleigh, on I-40, been down it many times. Expect them to lock horns with the Cane's on Saturday. I definitely give them a fighter's chance to win, but in the end,  MIA should be playing on Sunday.

UNC +400, they open play Friday against either FSU/CLEMSON. The best chance for... [More]

Posted Monday, March 04, 2013 10:44 AM

Review your plays

whether you've won or lost, go back and look at your plays and break them down, what really happened? I notice alot of people had a bad weekend, it happens to the best of us and I've been doing this awhile (that's a good thing folks, experience.) I read thru these posts and wonder how much thought was put into comments and more often than not, I realize overall, it's not much. Alot of you are perhaps, younger and less experienced so hopefully some small advice can help you make a little bit more dinero. This ain't the wild, wild west, with these reckless plays all over the place. If you're going to post a play, do a writeup, research the game and find out everything you can. I don't post all the time, but when I do, it's worth a quick read. Thru the writeup process, you will gain necessary insight and we need every advantage we can get. IT'S YOUR MONEY!

I had a good weekend, a very good weekend so let's take a quick look at a couple of these games, wins and losses. First, 3 of the wins-

GA +2 vs TENN, an easy outright winner as TENN had just beat the Gators @ home now on the road against an improving Bulldog team. Just a great situation. Here's another, same thing-

BC +4.5 another outright winner as UVA comes off huge home win vs DUKE. Great situation for a scrappy BC team who clearly plays better @ home.

What I would say about these 2 games, if you played the other way, you didn't give it much thought, plain and sim... [More]

Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2012 08:46 PM

How to properly handle losing

Listen, I don't care who you are, getting your gambling ass beatdown from time to time simply calls for more action. You simply cannot stop from moving forward and these are some of the things I've either done or bore close witness to in order to sooth my near empty wallet and self pity.

Ok, let's state the obvious, "get drunk" that is, if you weren't already. This is critical because it leads to so many other avenues of wanton destruction. More options!

Keep in mind, these are in no particular order, each individual gambler must choose his own punishment wisely, believe me, by morning, that's exactly what it will be.

1) Gamble some more. Look, if you don't have an offshore account where you can lose the rest of your money in the casino, go to the local bar. Every bar has a pool table, dart board, some of  'em even have those punching bags, you know, like at the state fair. I highly recommend this particular item. You can safely take out your frustrations, lose the rest of your money to some little guy from Vermont you outweigh by 50 pounds, and feel good about it.  Plus you're so friggin' wore out from attempting to KO a bag, who by the way did absolutely nothing to you, you can't hurt anyone or anything else, anymore. Not that you really could to begin with.

2) Fight, this is a very popular option as well. My suggestion is when the "beer muscles" kick in, think small. That guy across the ba... [More]

Posted Friday, August 31, 2012 02:24 PM

73 Years

since TENN/NCST have played. You'd never know they are bordering states. But they'll get it on at the Georgia Dome tonight, a sight where the 'Vols have lost 6 of their last 8 visits.

I like teams that of course have returning starters but finished the year before successfully. That would be NCST, who won 4 of their last 5 including a 7 point bowl win over Louisville. 5th year senior Mike Glennon (62%, 31 td, 12 pix') was solid if not spectacular at times throwing 11 TD's against only 2 pix' the last 3 games, all wins, and put up 124 points in the process (MD and CLEM were the other 2 opp). Out of the 16 returning starters, incl. S.T., 13 of them are seniors. The offensive line might be the best part of this team with 112 starts between them, except they also return the entire defensive secondary who led the nation in INT's last year with 27, including an astounding 13 by David Amerson. Receivers and linebackers are the questions early on for the 'Pack.

The Vols return 18 starters, incl. S.T., and their answer to Mr. Glennon, Sophomore Tyler Bray (59%, 17 td, 6 pix). Unfortunately for Bray, top receiver Da Rick Rogers was kicked off the team. However, Justin Hunter, out with a knee injury most of last year, returns. If he's 100%, he's dangerous. Much like the Pack, Tenn. has experience upfront with only LT Antonio Richardson making his first start. Left tackle, that would be Brays blindside so you can believe Richardson will be test... [More]

Posted Friday, August 31, 2012 11:10 AM

the 2nd half bet-

I don't play alot. But there is a time and place for everything. This is really for the novice or inexperienced bettor, I know there are a few of you out there so you old pros can change the channel if you want.

Last night, I had 3 plays on the SC/VANDY game-

SC -6

U 45

2T 6 PT TEASE, SC even, under 51

They are all posted in my writeup.

In the second qtr. SC QB Connor Shaw got hurt and it didn't look good for his return. Clearly, his throwing arm was in pain. The backup, Thompson came in and instantly there was a glaring weakness @ the QB spot. Suddenly SC not covering 6, maybe even losing the game outright became a real possibilty. I knew I could count on the SC defense, take away one 78 yard TD pass and Vandy didn't do squat last night. SC wasn't going to do anything offensively other than run Lattimore. I needed some insurance for my straight bet on the Gamecocks, "the second half bet." 

It was 10-10 @ the half. Vandy was +4 for the 2nd half. The total was set @ 21.5. I felt SC's "D" would control the Vandy offense and without a bonified QB, SC's offense would struggle. Any football fan watching the game could have also told you the same thing. Your kid could have. Barring punts being blocked, run back for TD's, or any such craziness, the 2nd half was going to be low scoring. Alot lower than 21.5 points. That's 3TD's. I'm thinking, who made that line?

Eventually, Shaw did come back, but he was definite... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 30, 2012 03:35 PM

S.C./VANDY write-up

Love to start this season with an SEC battle, gotta' love it. And as much as I hate to lay points on the road, the 'Cocks have the right opponent tonight, Vandy. Improved, perhaps, offensively at least. There are 9 returning starters including QB Jordan Rodgers and RB Zac Stacy. But this offense was gifted 4 INT.'s last year by Stephen Garcia and could still only manage 3 points and 5 first downs. In fact, Vandy has scored a total of 20 points the last 3 games/years against S.C. While S.C has only 6 defensive returning starters, player 7, SEC 2011 Frosh of the year Jadeveon Crowney played, and with major impact. Ask Vandy. Crowney was responsible for 2 Vandy T.O's last year. And partnered with senior NFL bound Devin Taylor, look for these 2 playmakers to wreak havoc on the Vandy offense again. They are 2 of the 3 best players on the field tonight and you know who the other one is-

Marcus Lattimore, the best running back in the country. And word is, he's 100 %. Connor Shaw has full reign from the get go this year (Spurrier, what took so long with Garcia?). He's a dual threat, 8 rushing TD'S, and efficient, 65% passing, 14 TD's, 6 pix'. He'll be the best QB on the field tonight.  While the Vandy defense returns 7 starters from a solid "D" in 2011, their 4 best, Marve, Hayward, Fugger, and Richardson are gone. So is key contributor DT, T.J. Greenstone. In otherwords, there are some questions going into this season for the Vandy "D".

... [More]

Posted Saturday, October 15, 2011 11:59 AM

where are the upsets today?

You know they're gonna' happen, question is "where?"

I've looked at some possibilities and feel pretty sure that 1 or 2 of these teams will fall prey to the almighty upset today. And hey, while I'm on that, we're all here to win money, make no mistake. But there just isn't anything more satisfying than picking the upset that even your best girl looked at you strangely when you told her. 

I considered Miss. St, a small dog @ +145 for the win vs S.C., and KST. @ +155 vs TTECH, hey what does KST have to do to get any respect? 

I ultimately decided on  3 games, and I promise you they won't be popular.

MARYLAND +7.5, ML +250. MD suddenly has a QB controversy and their defense is freshman heavy because of injuries. The entire world is on Clemson, an overrated team IMO, good mind you, but the recipient of name brand wins over teams who aren't as good as they once were and suffered key injuries (FSU)

BAYLOR +8, ML +250. You have to figure a shootout and I'll roll the dice with Robert Griffin at those odds.

TEXAS +7, ML +235. TEX appeared to be getting back on track until they ran into the buzzsaw known as OKL.TEX not what they used to be but still have talent and gotta' believe after that humiliating loss last week the effort will be there and I think the TEX  "D" steps up to the plate today.

As always good luck to all!

... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 29, 2011 12:10 AM

greatest last day of baseball, ever

Rays, rays rays!!!!! Yes,unfrigginbelieveable, no work tomorrow. Yes, yes, yes, Longo!!!!@  

Posted Sunday, March 27, 2011 07:50 PM

UNC fans-

congrats' KEN, you nailed your 3's and that was the difference in the game. With all 5 returning starters for UNC, the return of Bullock, you know another stellar freshman class coming in, hard to imagine Carolina being anything other than a preseason no.1. I guess the only question is who might opt out for the NBA. Barnes certainly isn't ready, Zeller was absolutely outstanding in the tourney and you know his stock has risen tremendously. But he's an academic all american too and another year of preparation could have him being a lottery pick the following year. Inevitably, they will both make alot of money very soon.

After the unexpected transfer in the offseason of the Weir brothers, the surprise departure of Larry Drew in the middle of the season, and the injury to the young sharpshooter Bullock, this was a successful season for Carolina, so don't fret, don't worry. Next year looks like a legitimate national championship run, and they now have some great experience to come back with. Can't wait!

Posted Monday, November 15, 2010 07:56 PM

4 points?

First of all, thank you NYJETS. Onto to tonight. Just got 4 points from the local. Couldn't pass that up. 'Skins coming off a much needed bye, and I think it will reap benefits tonight. McNabb has been challenged and while he may not be the player he once was, he's still very capable IMO. He's gonna' sling it tonight, he'll have to in order for WASH to win. Vick and co. will get their's too, see both teams hitting in the 20's tonight. 'Skins are 5-1 ATS last 6 when an underdog to PHILLY including 4 outright wins, and the game earlier this year. Another tough division rivalry game of importance that are usually close. therefore-

SKINS +4  3units

OVER 44  1unit 

As always good luck to all!!!

Posted Sunday, November 14, 2010 12:08 PM

somethings gotta' give/J-E-T-S

the Browns have been a very good home dog while the Jets have been the NFL's version of the road warriors. The Jets defense is the one unit who can take control of this game and we expect nothing less as Mr. Hillis and Mr. McCoy (or is that Dr. McCoy, he may need one after this game) will struggle against the no. 6 ranked defense. Only PITT has allowed less yards per rush than this Jets defense. Expect them to create some turnovers today and the Jets "O" to do enough o win.

JETS -3   3 units


BUFF -2   1 unit

TENN -1   1 unit

DEN  +1  1 unit

Beware of the Carolina Panthers today Bucs backers!

As always good luck to all!

Posted Saturday, November 13, 2010 11:26 AM

Top M/L Plays today/Upset specials

Nice M/L hit on UCONN Thursday. 3 games stand out to me, they may not be popular, quite frankly I hope they are not. In order, here we go-

South Carolina, M/L +220   2 units,   +6.5   3 units

Texas M/L +180  1 unit,    +5   2 units

Notre Dame M/L +180  1 unit,  +5  1 unit

I know taking ND may be the biggest headscratcher of these picks, hence, only the 1 unit plays on them. Despite all the injuries for the Irish, it's hard to imagine UTAH coming in here anything but flat after a HUGE, very disappointing loss last week @ home to TCU. ND is the loose team today and for you half players, ND might be a good 1st half play.

My only other play today is, yes, for those of you who read my posts, VATECH. Having lived in North Carolina as a kid for  a few years, I've always had a softspot for the 'Heels, especially this year with all the adversity they have had to overcome.Yes, they will go bowling, amazingly, despite all the key personnel losses and turmoil they had to endure. Emotional win L/W @ FLST while the Hokies got a couple of extra days to prepare for this one. We're 4-1 ATS when betting on VATECH this year and we'll lay the 3 points with the better team today.


As always good luck to all!!!

... [More]

Posted Thursday, November 04, 2010 03:16 PM


You all know what that means, let's not overthink this game and keep it simple. VATECH, the unofficial Thursday night champs (17-5 ATS, last 22 ) with a chance to show the nation how far they've come since that opening day loss to BOISE and the following weeks' fiasco vs JMU. This well balanced offensive machine gets another mediocre defense to flex it's muscle against. And don't think they haven't forgotten last years' loss @ GATECH in a game they were in control of and just fell apart the 2nd half and lost. GATECH may hit a big play or two on the ground against their young linebackers but it won't be nearly enough against one of the more balanced offenses in the country with a legitimate Heisman contender (he's playing like one) in Tyrod Taylor. He may not be as big and strong as Cam Newton but he's just as versatile and could play for me anytime. This is not the same GATECH team we've seen the last couple of years, mistake prone, no big downfield passing plays, and expect that to really show against this superior conference foe who is red hot no less and seems to be on a mission. We believe the Hokies will once again hit 40, no matter how much GATECH blitzes, and they will, so if you like the Ramblin' wreck, you better believe thay can score 4 TD's tonight to cover the spread.

VATECH (again) -12.5  3 units

As always, good luck to all!!!

... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 28, 2010 10:25 AM

Fade the Unbeatens?

Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, USC, and the United States Air Force Fighting Falcons?

I say yes. Not the weekend to be undefeated and on the road. I think at a bare minimum we have 3 outright winners listed above and I would not be surprised to see all 5 outright covers ATS. Look, these are all good/respectable teams in good situations. The X's and O's won't be as critical as the situations themselves IMO. I'm ranking these games in order, the games that I feel have the best chance of winning, starting with...

1) IOWA, this team could come out flat after that h-breaking loss to Wisky but they are well coached and experienced, and still a very good football team despite the 2 losses. Defense steps up.

2) MISSISSIPPI, they won't stop Cam Newton and co. but AUB's mediocre (or less than) defense is about to get a taste of their own medicine. 

3) NEBRASKA, almost unfair for MIZZOU to have to beat OKL and NEB back to back and @ Lincoln no less. Schedule makers should be fired.

4) USC, how times have changed for the Trojans. Believe this team will cherish the underdog role here in what should be a great game.

5) AIR FORCE, All Utah does is win, and win big (and cover) while the Falcons haven't covered the spread in some time. Shouldn't this spread be higher? Strange as it may sound, getting thumped O.T.R. by TCU will help prepare this team for an outstanding Utah team that is a notch below TCU. Remember, Air F... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 20, 2010 02:36 PM


After a terrible start, VATECH is once again proving to be the team to beat in the ACC. They are now 5-0 ATS their last 5 games, 3 of which I have been a part of. Make it 4. With Duke's 100th ranked defense coming to town, muck like this past week against Wake's "D", the Hokies continue to lick their chops against a lower echelon conference opponent. Hard to believe this will still be a 26 point spread come Saturday @ noon. This offensive juggernaut keeps rolling and we'll gladly back them again in what should be another 30 point + blowout.

As always, Good Luck to all!!!

Posted Saturday, October 16, 2010 09:25 AM

Blowout of the Day

anyone else have a didsdain for one said Texas Ranger bullpen today too? Oops sorry, wrong forum

Onto Saturday and I'm going right to Blacksburg with a second stop in Durham after that.

Look, VATECH is once again sewing their oats towards another conference championship run here after their disastrous 0-2 start. Hey, if you're going to lose 2 games, make them your first 2 games and out of conference as well. Wakes porous 103rd nationally ranked defense, which boasts losing road contests @ Stanford and FSU by a combined 99-24, is facing another mountain to climb today. Ain't gonna happen.

 VATECH -22.5

Onto to Durham, where calculators, even at the academically rich Duke, may be the only way to keep track of points      today. Duke is ranked 105th on the defensive side of the ball but 37th offensively. Hey, they put up 13 the first half vs ALA. Duke can move the ball, they wing it about 40 times a game (MIA about 33), it's reflective in their 10 td's and 9 pix' this year. Feast or famine. With no pass rush, 4 sacks and MIA'S embarrassed ball hawking defense, expect alot of big plays at Wallace Wade stadium today. This one reeks a bit of a back door cover for you side players, but points should be hitting the scoreboard like an old Loyola Marymount basketball game, God bless you Hank Gaithers.

OVER 58.5 

other plays today-

ARKANSAS +3.5, with 2 straight wins ag... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 19, 2010 11:36 AM

Best betting situations today?

2-1-1 NFL ATS last week, posted individual games

I'm always trying to find any advantage I can, and yes, I use history more than many people while being objective about todays teams.

The toughest win in the NFL is the win O.T.R., evidenced by last week as home teams went a resounding 12-4. So what's tougher than winning O.T.R.? Winning back to back O.T.R.

Teams that won road games last week, O.T.R again this week and their matchups-


AZ @ ATL -6.5, AZ had 4 turnovers in an ugly win over STL, who had 4 of their own, 3 pix' off Bradford. ATL comes off a tough road loss to a PITT team with a bit of a chip on their shoulder (we can win w/o Ben) and a still very good defense. The home team has won 9 of the last 10 in this series. This ATL team will make a serious run at the playoffs.   FALCONS

MIA @ MINNY -5.5, Favre, show up to camp on time. An extra 3 days should have helped alleviate some rust. May not matter today as we expect AP to have his way with a mediocre MIA "D" that is weak in the linebacker department. And don't think that tough run defense of Minny is going to fall prey to a ''wildcat" or any other running game. Henne is going to face the most pressure he's seen in his young career today, bank on it. Minny is 5-0-1 ATS last 5 @ home and 8-2 ATS following a S/U loss.   VIKINGS

BAL @ CINCY +2.5, Let's see, ... [More]

Posted Friday, September 17, 2010 03:26 PM

Rebound games

There are many methods of madness when trying to pick winners week in and week out in the NFL. One of the things I look for and many good handicappers subscribe to is the bounce back or rebound game. I start with teams that lost on the road and are coming back home in a matchup I favor and may have some history on my side too.  It's only the 2nd week so not a ton of information out there yet. There were 12 teams who lost O.T.R. and are returning home this week. Home teams did good last week.

Here are those games this week:

KC @ CLE (lost @ TB)

BAL @ CIN (lost @ NE)

PHI @ DET (lost @ CHI)

CHI @ DAL (lost @ WASH)

TB @ CAR (lost @ NYG)

AZ @ ATL (lost @ PITT)

MIA @ MINNY (lost @ N.O.)

STL @ OAK (lost @ TENN)

SEA @ DEN (lost @ JVILLE)

JVILLE @ SD (lost @ KC)

NYG @ INDY (lost @ HOU)

N.O. @ S.F. (lost @ SEA)

Pretty simple from here, check the matchups/history and hopefully find something favorable for the home team.

TB @ CAR, CAR is 3-0 S/U and ATS (last 3) and has rushed for over 700 yards in those wins. DeAngelo Williams also sat out one of those games. He's on my fantasy team this week. Yea!

BAL @ CINCY, Ravens are 1-4 S/U & ATS last 5 there

MIA @ MIN, Minny 5-0-1 ATS last 5 @ home, 8-2 ATS following a S/U loss 

AZ @ ATL, home team 9-1 S/U last 10

CHI @ DAL, Dallas 6-2 ATS last 8 @ home, CHI 7-19-2 ATS follow... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 16, 2010 12:06 PM

The 2 team teaser

Okay, I know alot of players don't like teasers. I disagree, especially in the NFL, where there are many close games. I'll even use a teaser as a kind of insurance policy, i.e. lost on Jets Monday, won on KC. Having bet the same amounts, even @ 1-1, I lose money (vig), we all know that. But figuring we had 2 close games at hand, especially the Jets/ Ravens game and then I get a HTU, divison rival no less with KC, and the JETS +6, KC +11 looked pretty juicy and tasted even better. I also posted TENN -.5 and CLE +9.5 on Sunday. Not rocket science my friends. Did you really think the Bucs would blow CLE out? Come on.

Let's look at last week for example

If you had teased (6 pts.) 8 of the games last week, either team you would have covered. The other 8 games, teased 3 HT favs, TENN, NE, NYG, and 5 HTU'S, KC, WASH, SEA, PITT and HOU you would have covered in these games. Notice with the HTU'S 4 of those games were against division rivals. Notice too, that KC, WASH, SEA, and HOU won the games outright (hint, hint). The 3 favs' that covered, okay maybe there were some CINCY believers, I can see that, maybe some concerns about the Giants because of how they finished last year,  but come on, TENN against OAK. If you couldn't see that, you need to quit gambling, seriously. 

And back to that home team underdog thing. When it's a divison rival, don't be mislead by records. More often than not this is when your upsets happen and points get co... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 16, 2010 11:07 AM

Round 1, RAYS, Sorry Jeter

That's right, sorry Jeter, you may win some piss poor acting award but all's fair in love and war, and you lost the most important thing, the game (and a little respect), and rightfully so. You know what Jeter, it's a shame, this was a great series, lived up to the expectations of a September series between the 2 best teams in baseball, yet all I'm seeing on ESPN is how this was such a great play by such a smart player, get on base, at all costs even if that means cheating because that's exactly what it was.  I could have lived with it had you not gone thru all tha drama even so much as bringing out the trainer. But in your defense, your only defense, how does the umpire miss that call? When the ball hit the bat, your bat, it sounded like a "line drive to left field (Joe Madden)" and he was so right about that. But the excessive drama you played out was embarrassing. All I can say is I don't want my kid playing like that. Right is right, wrong is wrong, and you were wrong and I don't give a darn what your name is. Oh yea, next week, you might be ready for 98 mph fastball just a bit inside and you may really need that trainer. Maybe even a good old fashioned basebrawl will ensue. Let's see, last time the Rays had a brawl with you, preseason 2008, Tampa went to the world series. Thank you Jonny Gomes, I still owe you a beer for that one.

The irony is another DJ, Dan Johnson, was the hero. This guy seems to have his best games against 2 teams, the Red So... [More]

Posted Monday, September 13, 2010 04:11 PM

Better defense wins tonight-

week 1 NFL,  posted  2-0-1

as in most cases, and in round 1 of MNF 2010, that would be the New York Jets. The Ravens are noticeably thin in the secondary and anytime you lose one of the truly great defensive players to ever play this game, hail to you Ed Reed, your team will take a step back. A big step. Yea, I know Sanchez isn't capable of exploiting that right? Wrong, I've seen this kid play enough to know he can make the necessary throws. It really comes down to the Jets ability to run the ball this evening, my $$$ says they will, and that of course will open things up for Sanchez and his receiving corps. Hey, he's not going to shred many defenses ala Brady, Brees, or Manning, but he shouldn't have too. Make first downs, take the occasional shot down the field, we've seen he and Edwards do that successfully, and most importantly manage the game, no turnovers. LT may prove to be Sanchez's best friend on 3rd down I suspect, and I love a player who has been written off and has plenty of motivation to prove to one SD team he can still play.

The Ravens were 1-6 vs playoff teams last year in the regular season. I know it's a new year, but O.T.R. in what we all know we'll a most raucous crowd in a playoff like atmosphere, against a stout defense and a good run game will ultimately sink the Ravens in a hard hitting low scoring affair. Old school football tonight folks!

J-E-T-S,  Pick 'em (beted)

Teaser special, ... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 12, 2010 11:15 AM


Not too many 1st week games really catch my eye, after all, last year is last year, it's nothing more than a referral source for a new year.

Rayz' don't feel so bad, the Bucs can't sell enough tickets either.

Doesn't matter, a bad team is a bad team. The Bucs are bad, my apologies to my fellow Tampa Bay residents (hey, at least I've been to some Rayz' games).

Perhaps the Browns could be in that same "we're not so good category." Yea, except they can run, Harrison will, and low and behold here comes what appears to be a reinvigorated Jake Delhomme. This is the guy who could just show up in Tampa with the Panthers and find  a way to win. And that's when the Bucs were good. Yea I know this ain't Carolina, this ain't the old Bucs either, not even close. CLE could be a bit of a sleeper this year in a tough division. It may not reflect in their W/L by years' end, but they will be better and much more competitive.

Talib is out for the Bucs today, he'll be missed. Of course, so are John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, hell, even Chuckie.

Week one star attraction-

CLE +3

other plays

TENN -6, this is now Vince Youngs team and Chris Johnson's time. Titans roll-

As always good luck to all!

Posted Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:21 AM

another punch?

say it ain't so Legarette, this time a teammate. Alright, he had his helmet on and it probably hurt Legarette's hand more than it hurt the other player. And quite frankly, if we didn't have his history, this punch may not have even qualified for an ESPN cameo. But not you Legarette, not already.

I actually defended this guy last year, well to an extent anyways. I had no problem with him slugging the Boise State player last year, no it wasn't right, perhaps more "deserved" than anything. Don't get in any man's face, after a loss no less, run your mouth and expect nothing to happen. My problem with the incident last year was Legarette's behavior right after the punch. You've all seen it, not going to rehash his immaturity and actions leaving the field. Inexcusable, bottom line.

Coach Fisher has defended his rookie essentially chalking it up as the rigors of preseason training. I could probably accept that except it was Legarrette Blount, barely back on a football field after his suspension last year. What did he learn, after all, making mistakes is a part of life, learning from them is what is important. What did you learn Legarette, really?

My father was an "army lifer", passed away a couple of years ago. Growing up I was constantly around a bunch of tough military guys (101st airborne, 82nd, etc). Talk about some guys you wouldn't want to get punched by. I remember these words, many words really, but in the world of male machismo, sometim... [More]

Posted Friday, July 16, 2010 10:51 AM

TB/NYY, It's never easy but

you almost have to play the Yanks tonight and on the R/L +100 BETJAM. Never mind all the emotion filtering thru the stadium this evening. It's a one sided pitching matchup as this Rayz' fan will attest. I've seen about enough of James Shields as I care to, he's been nothing short of bad, while it's well documented, I've had the unfortunate pleasure to witness his recent demise. Will the all star break do him some good? Maybe, but he's going to have to prove it before he gets any of my money. Until then, we continue to fade. Going against CC and co. in this situation is not where you rebuild your confidence. +100 on R/L is value, a steal IMO. Yanks dropped a 2 game series in NY to the Rays earlier, don't think that's not on their mind too. Even if I  do lose this bet, I'll have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Break out the piggy bank on this one-

NYY -1.5, +100

As always, good luck to all!

Posted Friday, June 18, 2010 12:49 AM

game 7 or NFL preseason game?

Honestly, that was ugly. And no, I did not get waxed, as I had the Lakers ML paired with the under, but seriously, some of those missed shots, of which there were many and most with open looks, umm, come on now, the winning team made 29 out of 71 shots, 32.5 %, missed 9 FT's, and overall both teams shot 56/154 from the field. I've seen rookie QB's with blitzes in their faces in preseason throw more accurately than these million dollar hoopsters shot tonight. Maybe the most poorly played and executed game 7 in the history of the game. It was ugly. Basketball players from Iran are pretty sure they can now play in the NBA. Hey, I know there was alot of good defense but there is no doubt in my mind there was more inept offense than there should have been and not just this game. Way more. What would the Laker, Celtic, and Bulls  teams of the 1980's, even the Rockets of the 90's done to either of these teams? Pretty sure they would have won. Easily. The artistry of the game is dissipating, not sure completely why but no way I'm giving the defenses that much credit, especially when I witnessed so many missed open looks  and just alot of sloppy play in general. But hey, if winning ugly is the wave of the future, I hope Mr. Stern your marketing skills are better than your management skills, because your game certainly won't draw more fans, only less. Michael, Larry, Magic, Jerry West, Hakeem, Clyde the Glide, Earl the Pearl, this game needs you again. Can... [More]

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