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How to properly handle losing

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Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2012 08:46 PM   14 comments

Listen, I don't care who you are, getting your gambling ass beatdown from time to time simply calls for more action. You simply cannot stop from moving forward and these are some of the things I've either done or bore close witness to in order to sooth my near empty wallet and self pity.

Ok, let's state the obvious, "get drunk" that is, if you weren't already. This is critical because it leads to so many other avenues of wanton destruction. More options!

Keep in mind, these are in no particular order, each individual gambler must choose his own punishment wisely, believe me, by morning, that's exactly what it will be.

1) Gamble some more. Look, if you don't have an offshore account where you can lose the rest of your money in the casino, go to the local bar. Every bar has a pool table, dart board, some of  'em even have those punching bags, you know, like at the state fair. I highly recommend this particular item. You can safely take out your frustrations, lose the rest of your money to some little guy from Vermont you outweigh by 50 pounds, and feel good about it.  Plus you're so friggin' wore out from attempting to KO a bag, who by the way did absolutely nothing to you, you can't hurt anyone or anything else, anymore. Not that you really could to begin with.

2) Fight, this is a very popular option as well. My suggestion is when the "beer muscles" kick in, think small. That guy across the bar in the hated ''Florida State" jersey (how much did you lose on them?) and his amigo checking in at a combined weight of 580 pounds, do not meet the recommended criteria. Peruse the bar and go for the little guy in the Vermont jersey, you didn't lose anything on them. Remember though, if you happen to lose to the Vermont guy, you can never, ever go back to the same bar. Ever.

Still on the subject of "fighting," many of you now broke, drunk morons will opt to fight your chief nemesis, the "Ol lady." Man, if I had free bet every time that happened. This, for you inexperienced gamblers/lovers, you can never win. So many things can go wrong here. First of all, you may actually lose the fight. Face it, you're wasted and she's pissed because your dumb, drunk ass told her you lost the rent money on the Packers game! And then you have the audacity to tell her it wasn't your fault. These *&%$# replacement refs blew the call and you should have won. Not my fault at all baby, it was a bad call! And then you wake up. Not in bed. Not on the couch. You're on the damn floor you idiot, next to some red covered tissues she tried to clean up your bloody nose with. Word.

3) Sex, finally, something I'll enjoy. Yea, if your drunk ass can get it up. This is hit or miss to the male species out there, you know it. If you're on, your 'ol lady will think your the second coming coming (it's a joke grammarians) of John Holmes you 'ol brut you. But if you're off, you could have as much shrinkage as your bank account. That's alot for a man to endure in 1 day. You may have to move to another state if this dreadful double whammy hits you the same day. Counselling is always available, 24/7, look in the "yellow pages" under ''Escort Services". Oh I forgot, you lost all your money gambling. Anybody got a beer?

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iBETnWIN says:
12/18/2012 9:51:24 PM
Solid coping mechanisms- as long as moving forward is the result!

Personally, I benefit from a good cry. A moment of regression is sometimes all I need to get back in the game.

Neurofit says:
12/19/2012 12:29:08 AM
I go to bed. 
mrusso says:
12/19/2012 12:39:04 AM
Neuro, if you make it there, it's not such a bad day after all 
FrostGiven says:
12/19/2012 12:54:56 AM
haha such a necessary thread after this weekend. I'm in college as a senior and work at jimmy johns with $10-20 bets being my standard wager. I put way too much faith in Brady ($100 to be exact) and started taking shots of cheap behind canadian hardwood after that first 49ers TD. at halftime I called my buddy to put $100 more on the 49ers ML second half in hopes of breaking even (a stupid bet I know, but the way I saw them play made me think they could do it). as soon as I realized i had just garbage on myself right before Christmas I popped a xanny and was knocked out for a good 15 hours which def eased the pain....I'm still looking for that one $200 pick to get me back even...was gonna take Miam -4
CBB but pussied out guys got any advice? 
mrusso says:
12/19/2012 10:00:12 AM

Frostgiven, I too took it on the chin this weekend, the worst beatdown I've had in a couple of years, maybe longer. I got a bit greedy and quite frankly made too many plays. Been doing this a long time, I know better, but we move on, I'm still on the correct side of the ledger. Sometimes a bit of humor keeps the sanity around. Or is it the "insanity"? Maybe both. I've locked 1 bet for Sunday so far, this number is sure to change by gametime, especially if the weather is not cooperative. Hope this helps-


GL to you Frost!

FrostGiven says:
12/19/2012 3:50:36 PM
thanks man. good luck!
gfoss59 says:
12/21/2012 12:29:23 AM
Work harder.
Louis_IV says:
12/21/2012 8:14:26 PM
good stuff
silentthread says:
12/22/2012 3:35:25 PM
I love this article, lol
ncdcbag says:
12/24/2012 1:26:19 PM
I had hit a 14leg parlay on WagerWeb. Ten dollars paid 19,000.I have learned alot from these forums and obviously I still need more education and discipline. I let myself get influenced by Rick Mason and The Ray Palmer Group because I wanted to place larger wagers. First off my capping is pretty solid and I should have had more confidence in myself. Now 19,000 is down to 2,500.Ouch! I did get drunk yesterday but I'll refrain from drinking the rest of the week. Must have clear head to build that bankroll back up. Confidence is key and also keeping the chin up and the upper lip stiff. I'll never pay for a pick again. Instead I'll work harder and stick with my gut instincts. Happy Holidays to all my sports wagering comrades!
ncdcbag says:
12/24/2012 1:34:06 PM
I'm thinking Fresno St. and the over today.
TheMaster42 says:
12/27/2012 7:32:42 AM
hi what i do is get drunk so i forget that i took the bulls christmas day!

now i am coming back with 4 game wining n silver steak see alcohol helps .

donk says:
12/30/2012 12:51:34 AM
i am sick of losing!.....this week made 15 bets......won one....tie one.......being drunk doesn't help
SportsPredictor says:
1/2/2013 10:40:57 AM
Have three Powerhouse plays to help everyone out. ncdcbag? $19,000 down to $2,500 isn't an "ouch", it's suicide! Hope you and mrusso and everyone here can make a comeback on the playoffs. My "breakeven", "get out safe", "save our hides" Powerplays are Houston -4.5, Indianpolis -5 and Seattle -2.5 to -3!

Parlay ALL Houston profits on Saturday into Indianapolis Sunday afternoon, and then, ALL profits into Seattle Sunday evening! Will have a bundle for the playoffs!

But like mrusso said, be sure to save a few hundred for Escort Services just in case. Believe me, next morning any losses WILL be forgotton! Best of Luck to All :)

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