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Posted Saturday, October 06, 2012 07:09 PM

week 5 big plays

im feeling pretty confident this week. i picked the rams on tnf big 2 units

well time to put it all on the table this week.

cin -3 1 unit i love to play these spots  i like to sit back and recap on whats goin on thurs far. cin looked to be a in a trap last week against the jags. but really after the second quarter scored and didnt look back. now they are coming home from back to back wins. Playing mia a stout defense but is coming off a overtime lost to arizona. bummer. i projected jags, browns and miami to be the worse teams in the nfl. so coming into the season. i would have thought this line would be much higher than it is now. they are giving cin the home field advantage -3. against 1 of the bottom teams in the nfl. sure mia has been playing well. i liked them last week it was a good spot for them. but bad teams dont play well on back to back road games! they are not suppose to lose! lol Ill watch andy dalton have a field day against the 30th ranked pass defense.

chi -4.5 3 units big play of the week

under lovie smith the bears coming off a monday night is 6-0. the jags are 30th against the run, while the bears are ranked 3rd. the bears lead the league in turnovers thurs far. the bears are third in the league in sacks, while jags are dead last in sacks.  jay culter with time in the pocket? means big point for chi against a shady jags defense with 2 picks in the season. only thing that r... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 27, 2012 07:52 PM


whenever people agree on the underdogs in a primetime game and they always dont cover.. just gotta roll with the favs in this 1 go balt -12.5. their no huddle offense will be the first 1 they will go up against this year. wedden is the worse qb in the league this year and their record will prove it.

it happened to the bears! how people thought they were gonna win. blah blah blah

last week 1 carolina laid an egg .. the super bowl champs under dogs in a game ? really? on the road? doesnt make sense

take the points this will be a blowout. i tend to go with the favorites when everyone is on the dog


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