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Posted Tuesday, September 13, 2011 08:28 AM

Denver Fans, Dumbest F*ng fans in the league.....

Yes Broncos fans you have sunken dumber/lower than even the Raider-49er fans killing eachother over a preseason game.

Keep chanting Tebow since the dude wouldn't even be considered a QB if he wasn't drafted so high and paid so much money (wouldn't have even made the team). But your brilliance shines through. I guess you expect God to help him along the way

Oh shit he isn't even your 2nd string QB, maybe you can Pray that he plays and throws a few TD's since God is now clearly on your side

I never thought I'd see the day when this level of ignorance was incorporated in the NFL fan base, but Denver congrats you are the dumbest fucking fans I've probably ever seen/heard

Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010 08:49 PM

Soccer Slaves

I watched a show on Current TV about the industry in Africa and how a lot of young men were being exploited. I get that these European teams can't be responsible for everything that youngsters are told and the agents who run scams. But you wouldn't think it would cost that much to build youth camps and facilities whose sole purpose is to allow African boys a chance to showcase their talents w/out having to dropout of school and leave their families. Instead these European teams use agents and other backhanded deals to keep their hands clean of the disposal of the youth that don't make it and are forced to hide in the streets of the European countries.
An interesting stat they gave was that in 1989 the EPL had 4 African born players and in 2009 there was some 60 African players.
Seth Blatter actually said it was economic and social rape when talking about what the European clubs were doing to the young men, yet nothing has ever come out of it....Just a shame because when they see Drogba and Essien making millions of dollars these boys are told that they to could be doing that same thing, so they spend a lot of money that they don't have on the Hope.

Posted Sunday, July 25, 2010 03:10 PM

Lance Armstrong's going to get exposed

I saw that Lance hired a criminal defense attorney to help him w/ allegations of fraud and another charge I cannot remember in front of a grand jury. I have to think it relates to steroids, HGH, or some blood infusion bullshit.

Does this guy really think we believe him anymore??? Name 1 American athlete (other than my hero's Jerry Rice and Peyton Manning) who you would say didn't use PED's. I am so sick of LANCE and his I'm better than you bullshit, DUDE YOU'RE A FUCKING CHEAT, and I have ZERO doubt about that. I hate cycling as much as I'm sick of Lance, but c'mon don't make this jack-off a celebrity or marketing icon because he just found a way to hide his shit.  I'm sorry Lance but I have a sneaking suspicion that you hide behind some cancer "effect" as an excuse while your ass is as guilty as Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Clemens, A-rod, Pettite, Sosa, Mcguire, and your excuse will look worse now that Dumbfuck Houston Texan Brian Cushing got slapped hard in the media claiming a testicular growth made his tests positive, eventhough he'd been using since a freshman in HS.

Just get the fuck out while you can claim a little dignity, cuz your fame is about to turn to infame!


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