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Posted Thursday, June 09, 2011 07:35 AM

A fantasy matchup for NBA bettors...

I am an unabashed Michael Jordan fan but I do not dislike LeBron James at all. But I started thinking about this yesterday as I looked at the line for Game 5 about what a fantasy point spread line between a Jordan team and James team would be. I do not play fantasy sports and find them quite annoying but I wanted to ask NBA fans here to put on their linesmakers caps for fun.

In this matchup I want to use Jordan's 72 regular season win 95-96 Chicago team and James' 2011 58 regular season win Miami team.

These two teams posed interesting parallels to me for a few reasons. Michael was coming back from his retirement and shedding the rust at 32 years old. He, Pippen, and Rodman were in the early 30s but that was their first season together with Jordan averaging over 30, winning MVP, and the 96 title.

In 2011 LeBron James was adjusting to playing with two other stars and averaged 26.7 per game. He, Wade, and Bosh were in their mid to late 20s but very well seasoned in the NBA.

My sports betting fantasy question: If these two teams were to meet up on a neutral site for one game and millions on the line for the winning team, what would you set the line at?

My line: I admit to being biased but I put Michael's squad at -2.5 and getting the cover

Posted Wednesday, June 08, 2011 08:08 AM

Michael Jeffrey Jordan= GOAT

I know Michael Jordan changed the way basketball fans around the world look at basketball. His charisma, appearance, professionalism, ability to handle the microscope in which he lived, and lest I forgot to add his skill changed the NBA's landscape forever. Now other players will come and go but for me this man will be the on a Mt. Rushmore all his own. I don't want to get into John Hollinger and Chris Sheridan's invention of stats like true shooting percentage, win shares, plus/minuses, and player effciency ratings. Yes LeBron James can be in the top of every statistical category. He's won two MVPs, a perennial All Star, and has been to the Finals twice now. But I'll go back to the old way of evaluating players which never involved a calculator. It's called a scouting report (sound archaic in 2011?):

LeBron James: A hybrid of a guard/forward with supreme athleticism, speed, and size against almost anyone matched up against him defensively. A very unselfish star who has never minded passing to the open teammate. Doesn't shy from contact and can shed defenders on his way to the basket and finish the play at the rim. Ball handling skills are comparable to a point guard and has the quickness to create his own shot at any time. Is a streaky outside shooter but has improved very much in the past few seasons on his 3 point and midrange shot. Can hit shots from anywhere on the floor but has yet to add a pos... [More]

Posted Monday, June 06, 2011 10:22 PM

Tisk Tisk Scottie Pippen

I am a sports radio addict. I used to (and still do) go to bed listening to San Francisco Giants midnight replays on KNBR 680 in the Bay Area where I come from. When baseball season is not going on I am thoroughly enjoying myself with ESPN Radio or the local stations (no I refuse to spend money on satellite radio because I don't need a million stations). So it was no surprise the other day I found myself listening to Scottie Pippen on ESPN radio's morning show with Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg. Arguably the network's most popular show, Mike & Mike routinely get big names like many national personalities that work for the four letter sports behemoth. 
Mike Greenberg was trying to stir the pot about his interest in placing LeBron James amongst the greats of the game because he is a type of  player Greenberg has never seen before. So when Scottie Pippen came on to talk about the Heat and the Finals last week he was asked about the new comparison with LeBron James taking Kobe Bryant's place as the challenger to my idol Michael Jordan's thrown. Scottie Pippen called Jordan "the greatest scorer of all time" but said the way LeBron James can impact the games in so many ways could make him become the best of all time. Look Scottie Pippen later leveled off his comments on Twitter and other social media outlets for the CYA by insisting MJ was and is the best ever. BUT Pip did say if LeBron James won enough and played at the level he is at right now he could eventually... [More]

Posted Monday, June 06, 2011 10:20 PM

SJP: Dream girl or turn off?

I remember when I had to create an account through just so I could compete in the Streak Survivor contest back when I discovered almost 5 years ago. I never really ventured onto until it took over and made it into one site. Then and only then did I delve into the online community and the information provided by those working for or affiliated with Mr. Severansky. 
But now there is a new reason: Sarah J. Phillips, the new Covers writer phenomenon who has escalated herself onto the center stage of personas on this website. The response I have seen in the forums and blogs has been mixed ranging from positive to indifferent to downright vindictive. But since most members on here share a common interest (and most are male I am going to assume) why would the idea of a female sports gambler not be of interest to straight men on this site? Yes I know Covers could have gone through this elaborate scheme of creating a fictitious female character in her 20s, with a bankroll, and a general understanding of the sports she bets on. I'm not saying Sarah J walks on water or that I'm in love with the idea of what she represents. But I do not come from this alpha-male ideology of scoffing at the notion women cannot talk about professional athletics and know what they are talking about. 
I am sure there are some former major/minor league athletes in here but for the most part Sarah J has a commonality with many of u... [More]


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