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Posted Monday, July 23, 2012 11:58 AM

NCAA got it wrong on Penn State

The NCAA got it completely wrong in my opinion and I hope PSU appeals these sanctions. I guess the NCAA has to do something but holding a press conference to announce sanctions, they helped make this disaster bigger than life...these are criminal charges not sport infractions and Sandusky was tried and sentenced and I'm sure Spanier and Curley and whomever else will be too. Paterno is dead so I d...o agree with wiping the wins away and erasing him from campus because had he told the proper authority immediately he would have been in the clear.

But the rest makes no sense. No one is around anymore from this scandal in the football department so why ban these coaches and players 4 years of playing in a bowl and lost of scholarships? The 60 million in fines could have been done a different way, why not make all proceeds (tix sales, concessions, sponsors...) of football games go to the charity, this way you give the community a chance to come together and support the school/team/victims...Also, they kept saying this is "a bigger than football problem" then if they really wanted to cripple the school they should allow no new enrollee's for two years and see the results. Or if they had to do something to the football team why not no home games for two years, that would more than no bowl games and still be somewhat fair to the current coaches and players.

The NCAA just wants their name in the news, they should have sanctioned Arkansas football team for their coach ch... [More]


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