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Posted Tuesday, March 12, 2013 06:57 PM

Multiple MLB Chase Systems (+250 units in 2012)

Hey Everyone,

For years, I have been tracking various systems and gathering data on many chases from all over the place and have finally narrowed it down to the ones that are profitable year in and year out. They are a combination of 3 and 4 game chases that netted over 250 units last year and I am now ready to post system plays. It will contain at least 6 separate chase systems (I am looking into a couple more that may be added). The chases begin at various times throughout the season with not as much action the first month of the season but it picks up once May comes around.

In this thread, I will not only post plays but will post actual lines I receive (bet x to win x), what game the chase is on, and date of the next game of the chase. For organizational purposes, I will number each chase so that everyone can track them as well.

Additionally, I will try and track record count (by game and overall), units won/lost, and current $$$ with respect to pending chases and units won so that you have an idea of what your bankroll is presently at.

I do not need to tell you money management is VITAL, typical rules to managing your $$$ with respect to several chase systems apply and I will bet to win 1 unit ($100). If there is a chase I especially like, I may decide to play the chase to win 2 units. Obviously, everyone is free to do what they wish and we’re all here to make some money so let’s do that with these systems.... [More]


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