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Posted Friday, March 05, 2010 03:08 AM

The term "UNIT" and successful bankroll management EXPLAINED

With people posting every day 50 Unit plays (Sniperswife) and others posting games of the year 100 Units (Sammy11) and Covers own Gangster betting 300+ "units" per game (GucciPRADAlouie) the question is posed, what is a "Unit".

Well my friends, I have the answer.  A unit is the smallest normal bet you make.  In terms of bankroll management, you should never bet more than 5% of your bankroll on one play.  Therefor, a 5 unit bet would be your max bet, 5% (or less, never more percentage wise). Your minimum bet would be 1% of your bankroll (can be less but never more), this would be know as a 1 unit bet.

Now as your bankroll increases, your 5 unit bet will increase, keep in mind tho, you can always bet less, never more.

So in summary:

X Unit = X% of your current Bankroll
1 Unit = 1%
2 Unit = 2%
3 Unit = 3%
4 Unit = 4%
5 Unit = 5%

As your bankroll increases your bets may increase if you so choose to increase your unit size. You have the option to increase your unit size if you choose, you also may keep it the same.

As your bankroll decreases your units, and hence your bet size will decrease, you should never defer from this (no option).

You do not have to whip out the calculator every time you win a bet to see what your unit is.  If you have $5000 your Unit is $50 (max bet 5 units $250), if you win a couple bets you don't have to adjust your unit size every time because it becomes tedious, once you... [More]


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