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Posted Tuesday, January 12, 2010 09:24 AM

Teddy Atlas says his sources say Pac-man

Teddy Atlas says his sources  say Pac-man camp e-mailed Mayweather's camp asking what are the penalties for testing positive.. and if they could keep it a secret.

Again this is from sources from Teddy Atlas who  stated "they HAVE seen the emails".

Teddy also stated most of people (the ones  who buy the PPV the average joe .. says "Why is Pac-man walking away from so much money, why won't he take a blood test"? "What does he have to hide?

Also Mayweather agreed to "14 days" (Blood testing)before the fight Pac-man wants 21 days...  seems very fishy to me!

Teddy kind of went hard on Pac-man .. but if these e-mails are verified which Teddy believed they are .. is NOT good news.

Very funny Freddie Roach gets interviewed he says what is Floyd going to fight "Paulie".. UMM didn't ARUM bring up Paulies name too for about a week? Then it shifted to YURI foreman and now Clottey.

I hope if this is true Floyd releases these emails.. and Pac-man is forced to take blood testing.. I still think if this is true.. Pac-man will fight Floyd.. (he has to).

Think about it, if Floyd's camp has the emails.. from pacman's camp Floyd will MAKE Pac-man fight without the PED or risk those emails being leaked.

I was shocked when Teddy dropped this news because he is usually anti- mayweather.

Clottey is flying in but he has NOT signed NOR AGREED to fight Pac-man.

I think this is desperation on Arum's part.. he h... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 20, 2009 07:36 PM

Anyone realize the Fix was in?

I know to many, this many seem like oh a conspiracy theory. Please listen to this... we already don't trust boxing... but now last night do you realize there was 3 people PROMOTING the fight, and TWO of them were IN the RING!

Marquez Productions? HMM new one to me! Money Promotions, and GOLDEN boy Productions... ? This is way too suspicious.

Why do you think Marquez could care one bit about Floyd's weight? The fight was made to go the distance, Marquez keeps his name and everyone will say  it was the weight, clear cut case (which is partially true).

Secondly we ALL know Floyd could of easily finished him, but the agreement was made, Marquez goes back down in weight. The loss really doesn't matter as long as he doesn't get KO'd  he wins in every category. Realize each man gets a CUT from the PPV.

Floyd got 10 million BEFORE PPV, Marquez 2 million plus most of the 600,000 from Floyd.

I will say there were many buys and Marquez will clear about  6 million after PPV buys and Floyd will Clear about 10 million MORE.

Do you remember when Oscar moved up to fight Hopkins and took a dive in the 9th from a body shot which wasn't even hard. Guess what HOPKINS and Oscar became partners.

Now Mosley,Hopkins,Barerra,Marquez,and Oscar are ALL in it together.

Pac-man, Cotto and Clottey (Arum) are some of the big players NOT under that umbrella.

MY advice is be careful of ALL HBO fighters, Oscar has full control o... [More]

Posted Saturday, August 01, 2009 06:10 PM

Nate Campbell +250

I like Nate here because I feel the juice is way too high.

Nate is moving up, well he has to anyways he cannot make 135. He's much older but much more experienced.

Bradley needed a serious adjustment in the Holt fight, granted Holt is a very dangerous puncher and has a good jab, Holt isn't there mentally for the whole fight, if he was Bradley wouldn't be here right now in this fight.

So yes Bradley can make adjustments, but Nate doesn't need to because he's so Technically Sound.

If Bradley can keep this an OUTSIDE Boring fight, he can get the nod here, but from what I've seen he cannot stay composed for 12 rounds, and once Nate gets on the inside he will find a good home  all night.

For this reason I like Nate, I'm not sold on Timothy Bradley, yes  Nate is not the puncher HOLT was but realize Bradley,, wasn't just stunned or a flash knock down, he was hurt seriously in the first round, how he got up I don't know. The 12th round wasn't a flash knock down either.

Both men have great defense, but they've both been on the Canvas. I will go with the veteran here at +250 remember this is a small play.

I believe for Bradley to win he needs to keep it very simple and boring.. and Nate will NOT allow that if anyone can get on the inside and break you down Nate is the guy.

It may take Nate a few rounds but I believe mid-fight you will see Nate coming alive.

Also a tiny play on +550 Nate by TKO.

Both... [More]

Posted Friday, June 05, 2009 10:44 AM

Pac-man Mosley NO fight yet

Pacquiao says 'no fight yet' with Mosley 9:09 AM, June 4, 2009

Shane Mosley has made no bones about his desire to fight Manny Pacquiao, appearing on ESPN's "SportsCenter" to call him out, then announcing in the last week that he's willing to fight at a catch weight against boxing's top pound-for-pound fighter and accept a 60-40 split of the purse for an Oct. 17 bout.

On Wednesday, Mosley's publicists released "news" implying Pacquiao wanted to fight Mosley next.

That isn't necessarily true, Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum told The Times later Wednesday. And now Pacquiao's saying it, too.

In his own press release, Pacquiao was said to be "surprised and flattered over the enterprising reports which came out in the media that a fight with Sugar Shane Mosley has been forged Wednesday."

"It's funny that I am the last man to know about this supposed fight. I know everyone wants to fight me and I have said I will fight anyone, including Mosley," Pacquiao said. "But I have not heard from my promoter or have seen any contract or fight detail. So, there is no fight yet."

"I am flattered that even the great Sugar Shane Mosley is now going after me by any means. I am not closing the door on any negotiations, though, and I trust my promotional and training team to make the best decision for me."

"I am not blaming people for coming up with ideas to lure me to fight them. I have said it before and I w... [More]


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