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Posted Friday, January 01, 2010 01:18 PM

My UFC 108 pick so far

As tempting as it is to take Silva, I am taking Rashad Evans ml.

IMO, I see Rashad taking Silva down with his speed, strength and quickness and pounding him out.

Both fighters can hit, so the striking is pretty much equal.
Both fighters have a specific skill that the other lacks: Silva with his BJJ and Rashad with his wrestling.

So it comes down to two things for me:

1) Rashad is far and away the better athlete


2) For awhile now Rashad had been using his striking...a lot... because it had worked for him so well. But in the last Countdown show, he said something that revealed how his approach will be against Silva. He basically stated that he's going back to his roots (ie wrestling). So I suspect that he's going to use his quickness and strength AND surprise Silva by taking him down. I honestly think Rashad is going to pull a GSP and basically manhandle Silva.

So Rashad Evans ml is a comfortable play for me


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