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Posted Thursday, November 08, 2012 12:08 PM   0 comments
First post of the NBA season.  I like to watch the first week of the season and get a feel for the teams.  These will be my first two posted picks.  Have a good feel going 3-0 the last two nights.  Hopefully it carries over.  BOL to everyone!

Thunder -2  - I've been looking at this game.  A couple things stand out here to me.  One, Chicago hasn't played anybody yet this year.  Yes, they will come with energy as it's a televised game in the middle of a home stand but energy doesn't always equal wins and covers (captain obvious I know).  Secondly, you can cap OKC easiest by just looking at their trend for turnovers and assists.  When their assists are down, the ball is sticking and while they have good 1 on 1 players, they tend to play close games or lose.  Subsequently, their turnovers go way up.  Thibs teams feast on turnovers even without D. Rose.  Westbrook got killed by the media and coaches after his last televised performance against the spurs where he hogged the ball and took terrible shots.  Last game he came out and was moving the ball, had 8 assists.  Tonight, look for a good game from him and a fresh Durant.  Plus, OKC has the bigs to contend with Noah and Boozer which for the bulls they HAVE to generate offense or else they can't stay in this game.

Vegas is vegas for a reason and this short line will draw a lot of OKC action but I think OKC is the play.  Last thing I look at is the individual match ups that will be there in the 1st and 4th quarters.  Westbrook vs. Heinrich is a big MM.  Sefalosha and Durants size create other mismatches on the perimeter and as I said, Perkins and Ibaka can stay with Boozer and Noah.

Blazers +2 - Great trend here with Clips on the 2nd game of a back to back.  Played a televised game last night against Spurs and played well with tons of energy and got the win as an underdog.  Underdog winners going on the road for 2nd night of back to back do not have a good record ATS, and consider that the Rose Garden is one of the toughest places to play in the league.  5th game in 7 nights for Clips as well.  Blazers will have tons of energy and I expect them to limit turnovers and get good shots and hold on to make this $$.
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