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Posted Wednesday, December 19, 2012 03:19 AM

Wednesday Picks and Helpful insights

11-4 this week not doing too bad trying to look at some different things on these games to try to maximize production.

Texas +4.5 My intial lean (watching this line movement very close I am skeptical with Texas being  a team that is trending to bet against this line throws up red flags.}North Carolina plays fast and hard but often loses focus on defense and has a tendency to allow teams to hang around longer than they should.

Xavier +8 Really like this Xavier team playing crosstown rivals. The teams matchup well and Xavier has faced a much tougher schedule feels like Cincis undefeated season is carrying too much clout looking for Xavier to win outright but to be safe take the points. Note: Xavier is coming off a 9 day break I believe that this will be beneficial for the game at +8 but a Cinci first half play may not be a bad play as they work the rust off.

texas 4.5(pending line moves prob put in sometime at 3 pm)

Cinci Half

Xavier Game +8

Canisius +9,5


3 units each


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