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Posted Wednesday, October 08, 2008 07:33 PM

ONETIMER play on Clemson vs. WF

Here is my first Thursday night play of the year.  You all know I am not making a play just because it is a Thursday night game.  I believe this to be the best play of the year.
Most of the Clemson fans actually want Clemson to lose this game. Why?  They want Tommy Bowden gone.  You would not belive talk radio in the upstate of SC this week.  They are convinced mediocrity will prevail until Bowden is gone.  Had this game been played to open the season, Clemson would be a 8 or 9 point fav.  I know, it is not the opener and Clemson lost to Maryland.  But, without a doubt, Clemson has much more talent than WF and they go into this game with a US against the world mentality, including most of their own fans. 
I have  a feeling we wil see Clemson at their absolute best Thursday night and I believe it so much that I will put my entire WEEKEND bankroll on the CLEMSON TIGERS.  Remember, I said WEEKEND bankroll, not my entire bankroll.
The ONETIMER play this week is the CLEMSON TIGERS....
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