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Posted Saturday, April 26, 2014 12:27 PM

Saturday in the Park

14-13  +65

2-2 -10 treading water
 hit my Bullies play  to coin a benji
 but that's hockey not counting towards  my baseball  plays

Bombers F5 -$110
more of a play on Halos not facing Nuno & worried about the Yankee pen, get a few early off hector hold em in the first  and we might have a shot get in and out  and look for the next play

Tigers TT Over 4 1/2 -$115

Hit Tigers ML last night but got scary late ,Hughes has struggled vs MoTown in the past my only worry is the Tigers who scored 10.7 in Sanchez's first 2 starts only scored 2,1 in his last 2 but with Bellino behind the plate @ 3-0 to the over  ill play it

Posted Wednesday, March 27, 2013 09:49 PM

Wed nes day

posted  40-37  -215    ot  7-15  +420   overall  47-52  +205

0-3 sunday  -324
Bryz "King of the rebound" needs to throw away his glove and play with two blockers he gives up more rebounds than the Seattle Kings  can't rememeber last time he made a glove save  anyway  my boy's are toast  just like my last 13 plays 
gonna give it a shot tonight  and if it don't hit  im gonna lay off the ice for a few weeks
 Baseball Sunday night 

Ducks +$206
sharks still suck and the Ducks are by far the better team

Good Luck Puckheads 


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