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Posted Sunday, September 26, 2010 10:47 AM

Smart Play-Stay away from Dallas/Houston game!

I am a recreational player, but do try to make intelligent picks. My before game-time picks provide have proven to be solid.

If I had the ability to be disciplined I know that I would do ok and actually come out ahead.... but just love the action too much and make bad decisions in the heat of battle. That's the truth  

With that being said, in the pre-battle frame of mind I am in, we all know that fewer picks is where it's at, so with the today's card my view is the Dallas/Houston game is simply uninviting. I rather put my $$$ on other games that I think offer better values. 

My top picks today (flat bets) are:

Car/Cinc Under 37.5

Carolina +4.5

TB/Pitt under 33

OAK +4.5

DET +11

I know I will add plays, but those appear to me the best value on a number of counts.

BOL to all


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