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Posted Tuesday, February 18, 2014 04:20 PM

Iowa vs Indiana Pick and Breakdown

Here comes the Choooo Chooo!!!!.......Trains is about to get rollin so hold on and buckle up!!!....Okay, I'm typically a really good capper and I don't mess around posting bull.  I pick a lot of primetime games as I think I can generally come up with an advantage one way or another.  That being said.  INDIANA + 4.........AND LIKE FIRST HALF +2 EVEN BETTER........so why?....I'm basically using a home dog strategy today(which is great when used correctly)........Iowa is the better team but Indiana should be up for this one. Indiana has a good home court advantage worth at least 4 points.  So on a netrul court the spread would be Indiana +7 so I love the Indiana +4 at home!.....  I'm trying to see how this game turns into an Iowa easy cover and just don't see it.  It's going to be a tough cover for Iowa, win but don't cover, or outright loss!.....someone please try and convince me the game is not going down to free throws at the end of this one(and that plus 4 will be great to have....trust me). also, even with my brillant insight there will still not be enough people with sense like me(sharps) in order to change the line and you should have until game time to get the +4 or go the other way(which I don't recommend of course but hey!....it's your money!  .....   :)  ......It's all good either way and good luck to all!!!!!.......The train has left the station!!!!......


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