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Posted Wednesday, April 09, 2014 02:59 PM

Dear ESPN i don't care about an athlete's sexual preference....

I write this because Derrick Gordon a star player from UMASS decided to come out of the closet today and now the world as we know it is much better than it was and how i'm supposed to now bow down his altar. Look i give Gordon credit for saying it but the fact is gentlemen i don't care. I don't care what sexual preference a player has. And most of all i'm tired of the media telling me to care

The funniest thing is those who believe" Well Jason collins,Michael Sam and now Gordon they've all come out so now everything has changed" Not really it hasn't. This isn't Andrew Wiggins,Jabari Parker or Shabazz Napier coming out this is Derrick Gordon. Until you get a true star to come out nothing will change. Come November when the season starts guys are you going to watch a UMASS game and say"Hey there's Derrick Gordon who's sexual preference is different than mine" No you won't and neither will i. When he misses free throws to cost us a cover we'll cuss him out but it won't be because of his sexual preference

The last thing which is irritating me is stop comparing what these athletes are going through to what Jackie Robinson went through. Its not even close and thats ignorant to think. Guess what guys i've called hoops games where players sexual preferences differ from mine and you've gone to work with people who's sexual preference is different from yours and somehow life moves on. So to ESPN i have this to say. No one cares and grow up

Am i the only ... [More]

Posted Friday, April 04, 2014 07:12 PM

Its time to accept Tom izzo is the Peyton Manning of college hoops head coaches...

And when i say Peyton Manning its not a compliment. Peyton Manning is 1 of the best qb's to ever play in the NFL as is Tom Izzo is 1 of the best HC's in college basketball BUT we need to quit believing this Izzo hype as we do about Manning. Peyton Manning as great as he is has come up short in big moments. Yes he has the 1 ring {albeit vs the Rex Grossman Bears}but he choked vs the Saints and crapped his pants as Seattle suffocated the Broncos 2 months ago

I had this thought on Sunday watching MSU play UCONN. I take nothing from UCONN as they earned it but i go back to Izzo and having to accept that maybe just maybe he's Peyton Manning. 6 final 4's 1 ring,Can't beat Duke or UNC,never makes an attempt to run a zone defense. When you make a comment about Manning that has any criticism all of a sudden you're a dink and the same goes with Izzo. And in my world there are no sacred cows. Everyone is fair game to criticism

I'm not an Izzo hater. I love Tom Izzo he's a yooper just like me born and raised in the U.P.of Michigan coached at Ishpeming HS etc but i'll be honest he lost me a few years ago with the flirtation with the Cleveland job and lets be honest had LeBron stayed Izzo would be coaching the Cavs right now. He had a team when he chose to stay that IMO should've been at least a Final 4 team that underachieved and basically imo those players turned on Izzo. And this year's team a veteran laden team had a good year but underachieved in postseason aga... [More]

Posted Wednesday, January 08, 2014 06:40 PM

The Joke isn't Dan Lebetard sold his HOF vote the joke is....

That he had 1. As you know LeBetard gave his HOF vote to Deadspin and he'll get stripped of his vote. I don't care about what he did because to be honest LeBetard is and always will be a joke. Without his Dad his tv show would've been cancelled by episode 2. Here's the joke

Why does Dan Lebetard have a HOF vote over a guy who knows something about baseball named Vin Scully? Who's more qualified to vote for the HOF Scully or Lebetard. Hell he wasn't the most egregious of the voters. Some dummies voting for Hideo Nomo and Jacque Jones and Richie Sexson and JT Snow give me a break BBWAA

These sanctimonious writers the same group who basically crucified the guy who saw Mcgwire's andro in his locker this same BBWAA group of booger eaters decide who gets in the HOF? Peter Gammons who compared A-Rod to the Boston Marathon bombers gets a vote?

Its crap like this why baseball is dying{sorry key baseball is dying} I'm sorry i'm just sick of this back scratching BS from these writers. Writers who believe Jacque Jones should get in the HOF over Greg Maddux can kiss my ice cold U.P. A$$. I love baseball i do but i'll be honest i'm losing my love for this sport

What do you call 1,000 members of the BBWAA in the bottom of an ocean? A good Start

Posted Tuesday, January 07, 2014 07:08 PM

If Jack Morris gets in the Hall of Fame its out of pity for Morris...

Guys as you know tomorrow we find out who gets voted into the HOF. I would assume Maddux and Glavine get in but this is the BBWAA we're talking about. Morris is in his LY on the ballot and imo doesn't belong in the HOF. I think he'll get in and it will be out of pity. I looked at Morris's Numbers and here's what i saw

He won 254 games with an ERA of 3.9. But here's my issues

1.He won 15 games 12 times that's true Lost 10 or more games 11 times

2. Only 3 times struck out 200 batters in a season

3 Walked 80 batters in a season 12 times

4. Only 4 times in his career did he have twice as many strikeouts as walks

5. Career WHIP of 1.3

6. Career K per 9 innings of 5.83 to go with 3.27 BB per 9 innings

7. Gave up 100 Earned runs in a season 8 times gave up 100 runs in a season in all but 5 seasons

8. 12 seasons of 10 or more wild pitches

9. I'm not a WAR fan but according to fangraphs Morris never had a WAR of 6 as a matter of fact he only had 1 season where his WAR was over 5

Which gets me to this point i watched Keith Olbermann's rant about how the baseball HOF is a banana republic that needs to be shut down and moved somewhere else. I won't go that far but i will say that Cooperstown's HOF should change their name to the Hall of Medicore because thats what it has become

Morris said something a while back that pissed me off when he said"If i had known ERA was important i would've tri... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 02, 2014 12:10 AM

Apparently the "Paterno People"chased Bill O Brien out of Penn State...

I sh*T you not. A lot has started to trickle out from different camps about O Brien leaving for the Houston Texans job. Apparently according to David Jones of O Brien was tired of the Paterno People as well as Penn State fans. What i'm about to post is a conversation that O Brien and Jones had a month ago. O Brien uses a lot of colorful language in this exchange

"In about a month they'll be fu*King looking for a new coach. You can print this you can print that i don't really give a sh*T what the Paterno people think about what i do with this program. I've done everything i can to show respect to Coach Paterno everything in my power so i could really care less what the Paterno faction of people or whatever you call them think about what i do with this program. I'm tired of it"

"For any Paterno person to have any objection about what i'm doing it makes me want to put my fist through this windshield right now"

"I'm trying to field the most competitive football team i can with near death penalty fu*King sanctions. Every time i say something like that and somebody prints it its skewed as an excuse and i'm not an excuse maker. I'm trying to do the best i can for the kids in that program. All i care about are the kids in that program as long as i'm the head coach here"

I would hope that a majority of Penn State fans would wish O Brien well. I think he obviously left the program better than when he got there. And even though i wasn't or... [More]

Posted Wednesday, December 18, 2013 02:30 PM

I think its time person Vitale hangs it up because his shtick is getting old...

Guys back when Michigan played Duke as you have heard me say before i will call that game and listen back to it to see if i'm getting better as thats 1 way you can get better as a play by play announcer. I plug my headphones in to my tv so i can hear the whistle for fouls. And Jabari parker made a great play and all i hear is "JABARI PARKER!!!! JABARI PARKER!!!!!!! on and on and on. I had a pencil and i stabbed my eye with it. Because if i'm going to be in pain i was goingto do it with myself

There's been little things over the years with him that just rub me the wrong way. I know he's been the voice of college hoops for decades and maybe he's the face of college hoops. But there comes a point when its time and its time for Dick Vitale. I can listen to diaper dandy and dipsy doo dunk a roo its ruining the game

I know i'm pooping in a lot of people's soup by saying it but i guess i have to be the guy who says it. Its enough. Much like Pauly said to Rocky in the last Rocky movie "Nothing personal Rocko i can't do this no more" Well folks nothing personal but i can't listen to Vitale anymore

Posted Saturday, December 14, 2013 12:02 AM

Bama fans you do realize Saban wanted you to kiss the rings right?

Obviously guys Saban just signed an extension to stay at Bama. I never thought he'd leave because the only thing Texas could offer him that Bama couldn't is no state tax. We can get into this,that and the next thing as to why this dragged on but here's my take

The last time we saw Bama play we all saw maybe the greatest ending to 1 of the greatest iron bowls ever. Auburn takes the missed field goal back for a td. Beating Bama,winning the SEC West and knocking Bama out in the process. And you heard some Bama people with some negativity and some saying" If he stays he stays if he leaves he leaves"

I think Saban did this for 1,000 reasons. I think 1 is he just wanted most people to realize something. And that is that he brought Alabama back to glory. Bama is 79-14 under Saban. They've won 10+games the last 6 years. 2 SEC titles. 5 BCS bowls and 3 national titles. My question what was Bama before Nick Saban got there? They were mediocre under Mike Shula trying to recapture the glory days of Bear Bryant

Saban has his own statue much like the Bear in Tuscaloosa and he should. There are a few Bama fans who believe "Give 500 HC"s this job and they'd win titles" Remember Alabama came very close to hiring Rich RodriguezI think Saban partly did this to tweak the fans a bit Make them realize that life isn't too bad and the grass isn't greener on the other side

To wrap this up just wants those people to kiss the title rings and that's all. I like Coach S... [More]

Posted Wednesday, December 11, 2013 06:49 PM

I guess i'll be "That Guy" concerning baseball....

Guys i love baseball i do but unlike most of you i see that the sport has many problems/issues. I don't why most of you can't see that but hey i don't live in the land of unicorns. I will present the problem and my solutions. If you don't like them thats fine because most of you don't like logical solutions tho issues that are coming. here are the issues

1. Pace of play

I've sat at home calling games off and on for the last 10 years{Thats how you get better at calling games so don't bother being an a$$} and the pace of play is just getting ridculous. From pitchers taking forever to throw to batters getting in and out of the box. I blame Garciaparra for this because he made it "cool" with the glove velcro thing. We need a 20 second pitch clock in baseball

2. Pitchers should have to wear helmets on the mound

Some Dodgers fan is laughing at this but you won't be laughing when Kershaw takes a liner off his head and dies on the field. Many of you say "that won't happen" and people said the same thing about base coaches and then a 1st base coach in the minors took a liner to the neck and died. I'm looking ahead something MLB doesn't do

3. If a pitcher hits a batter in the head or near the head whether it be on purpose or accident that pitcher should be ejected from the game

I'm looking ahead to the issues of concussions in sports. I feel that a pitcher should be able to control where and how he throws the ball. When Niese hit Heyw... [More]

Posted Thursday, December 05, 2013 06:27 PM

I'm ranting about Winston,ESPN,FSU fans plus more...

Alright guys Jameis Winston won't be charged in the rape case which isn't a shock to me but while watching the coverage there were a few things which pissed me off and made me lose iq points. I'll get to them right now

1. The notion that Winston is 100% innocent

Whether or not Winston raped that woman we'll never know but the notion that because he wasn't charged he's innocent is a crock. He may not be guilty of rape but he's guilty of being an idiot. Why put yourself in that position by going to a bar? Winston is in this mess because he thought with little Jameis and not big Jameis. My advice to Winston drink a can of Pepsi and keep it in your pants and you shouldn't get in much trouble

2. ESPN missed the boat

With him not being charged ESPN is now talking he's back in the Heisman race etc. Do you understand the gravity of the situation? Winston was accused of rape i don't care about the Heisman. Hell he should win the Heisman but the 1st thing post press conference shouldn't be he's back in the Heisman race

3. My apology to Penn State fans

To thisguyiswise and teaser and the rest i would like to apologize. I thought Happy Valley was the only place that was creepy and only cared about football but apparently Tallahassee is as well. Did you see this jacka$$ for ESPN interviewing FSU fans after the news? I almost snapped. this 1 girl with an iq of beandip said"i'm glad its over so we can focus on a national title" Really ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, November 27, 2013 06:40 PM

The NFL is such a joke by giving up Oakland-Dallas instead of Denver-Dallas...

I don't post in the NFL forum often as i don't bet on the NFL anymore. Hell i don't even like the NFL as much as i used to as the product really just has sucked since the lockout. CBS has the Dallas game this year and the NFL had 2 choices Oakland-Dallas or Denver-Dallas. The NFL decided Oakland-Dallas what a freaking joke

Everyone's favorite blowhard commissioner Roger Goodell made the comment a while back about putting good games on Thanksgiving. So obviously you give us the Raiders. Now i know some of you will say "packers just because Denver and Dallas when they played was 51-48 you can't say that would' happen on Thanksgiving"And yes the game wouldn't be 51-48 but wouldn't you rather watch Peyton Manning and Tony romo get in a 38-34 type of game.Or would you rather watch Matt McGloin crap his pants and the Cowboys win 44-13.

I'll get heat for this but the arrogance of the NFL will be their downfall in the end. From all the rule changes,to eliminating defense from the game the NFL will die a slow death. now it'll be death by a thousand papercuts but it will die off. I think 5-10 years the NFL won't be as popular. hell i watch because its part of my job but i really don't enjoy the NFL anymore

Look i'll wrap this up i just want good games on Thanksgiving thats all. You could've put Oakland-Denver on CBS at 1 pm in October and no one would've batted an eye. Instead the turkey on Thanksgiving will be the Oakland-Dallas game. Thanks NFL

Posted Monday, October 21, 2013 11:46 PM

Apparently people are upset Lee Corso dressed like a native american on gameday and i lost iq points

Guys i don't watch gameday much but i saw saturday's because bill murray was the guest picker. And Corso a FSU alum was dressed like a native american which i thought nothing of and Blll Murray slammed him down. Well apparently people are pissed that Corso dressed like an indian and honestly its the stupidest thing i've heard

Now we have this b.s. going on about the Redskins name now this and personally its giving me diabetes. I'm sick and tired of hearing from these people who look for any reason to be offended about anything trying to tell me whats offensive. Did any of you see that Saturday and say wow that was classless? Because i didn't. 87% of people in this country are not offended by these issues and in my country 87% is bigger than 13%

I'm sick and tired of the p.c police trying to make something thats not an issue into an issue. Does anyone believe Lee Corso decided i'm going to wear something a few will consider tasteless to get attention? Give me an F'n break. I hope Snyder keeps the name Redskins, I hope Corso doesn't apologize. I'm sick of this Obama's america p.c. 1 person's feelings may be hurt b.s.

The media really is getting sad so i'll ask you my covers brethren were you offended on Saturday?

Posted Thursday, September 19, 2013 11:23 PM

I just read the most disgusting article about Minnesota HC Jerry Kill....

Gentlemen as you know Coach Kill suffered a seizure on the sideline last week vs Western Illinois. Its the 4th seizure Kill has had in Minnesota's last 22 games. Coach Kill suffers from epilepsy. The column i read was written by Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Now i'm not posting the entire column but the parts i'm gonna post nearly made me puke as this jacka$$ must have something against Kill

"Kill suffers a seizure at TCF Bank Stadium as often as he wins a big 10 game. He's 4 for 16 in both categories. Even those who admire him can't believe he should still coach. Either the stress of the Gophers job is damaging his health or his health was damaged to such a degree that he shouldn't have been hired to coach in the big 10 anyway" Now if that doesn't make you sick listen to this next jab by this jerk

"The face of your program can't be someone who may be rushed to the hospital at any moment. No one who buys a ticket to TCF Bank Stadium should be rewarded with the site of seeing a middle aged man writhing on the ground"

I'm not aware of this Souhan jerk but apparently Kill peed in his cornflakes at some point in time. There's been a lot of noise on tv about Coach Kill whether he should quit or be fired etc. His seizure affected me more than the others because Coach Kill sent me a signed photo a few months ago which i display in my home proudly. i've liked Kill going back to his days at NIU

Now before someone says "So packers i... [More]

Posted Monday, August 19, 2013 01:20 PM

My National championship prediction with a write-up...

Guys over the last 2 weeks i've written up 125 fbs teams,10 conferences as well as put my win total bets. Today i write-up who i believe plays in the BCS title game and future bets on the 2 schools. Lets get to it

Team #1 ACC Champion 13-0 Clemson

Clemson reminds me of FSU LY. FSU played Murray State and Savannah State and would have to have a perfect season to play for the title. Clemson plays South Carolina State and The Citadel and if they lose 1 game their Nat'l title dreams will be dead. I don't see that happening. I like this team's schedule. I think their defense will be better under Venables. Sammy Watkins has a lot to prove this year

The difference in Clemson this year and FSU LY is Clemson has a coach in Dabo Swinney who for better or worse doesn't take his foot off the gas. I like Clemson to run the table to get to Pasadena

Team #2 Big 10 champion 13-0 Michigan

I said the day Brady Hoke was hired that year 3 was the national championship year. We are at year 3 and as many of you know whether you like my opinions or not that i am a man of my word. For the 1st time in a long time Michigan has a real qb as Devin Gardner will take over and be the starter.

Brady Hoke is 14-0 at home since coming to Ann Arbor and most of the tough games are at home for the Wolverines. Toughest rd games will be NW and MSU. I'm a man of my word with my predictions and i think Michigan will play for the title

My Pick

Mi... [More]

Posted Saturday, August 17, 2013 01:28 PM

My season win total bets with write-ups....

Alright guys there are 16 team win total bets i like this upcoming season. I'm going to post them here. 12 of the plays are $100 bets the other 4 are bigger bets and those plays will be the ones i write-up. So here are my 12 $100 plays

1. Baylor over 8.5 wins +120 for $100

2. Florida over 9 wins +115 for $100

3. North Carolina over 9 wins +125 for $100

4. North Texas over 5.5 wins +170 for $100

5. Ohio over 9.5 wins +200 for $100{+200 was just too juicy}

6. Syracuse under 4.5 wins +150 for $100

7. Temple over 4.5 wins +135 for $100

8. UAB over 5.5 wins +145 for $100

9. Cincinnati over 9.5 wins +110 for $100

10. Idaho over 1.5 wins +160 for $100

11. Maryland under 6.5 wins +150 for $100

12. New Mexico over 4.5 wins +160 for $100

I'll do the write-ups of the other 4 next



Posted Friday, August 16, 2013 11:54 AM

Big 10 Legends division predictions....

6. Iowa 5-7

Ever since Iowa won the Orange Bowl and since then 19-21 SU 15-22-1 ATS. Iowa was 4-2 after beating Michigan State and then fell off a cliff losing their final 6. Mark weisman is a folk hero in Iowa City there was even a Weisman for Heisman campaign. I don't think Coach Ferentz is on the hot seat like most do due to his contract. They have a tough schedule as all 8 of their big 10 games are vs teams who had bowl eligible records +2 in non conference vs Iowa State and NIU. boom_boom made the comment when we're down on iowa thats when they win 8-9 games. Maybe that happens but i'm gonna have to see it to believe it

5. Minnesota 6-6

The Gophers got to a bowl a year earlier than expected LY. Started 4-0. I'm a big Jerry Kill fan i just hope he can keep his health in good standing. Phillip Nelson got a full offseason as the starting qb. They return 10 starters on the offensive side of the ball. On the defensive side they lose 3 of their top 5 tacklers I see them getting off to a 5-0 start and i have them beating Penn State to go to their 2nd straight bowl

4. Michigan State 9-3

LY i caught some heat for not picking Sparty as high as others. I said 7 wins LY and they won 7 games. When you lose Cousins and his 3 top wr's you don't get better the next year. This yr i'm higher on MSU than most. I think there will be improved qb play whether Maxwell is the starter or Cook. They lose Leveon Bell who had 1793 rushing yards and 12td. T... [More]

Posted Friday, August 16, 2013 11:01 AM

My Big 10 Leaders Division predictions...

6. Illinois 3-9

Boy did Tim Beckman have a bad 1st yr in Champaign huh? The offense sputtered the defense was bad and it sure didn't help that Illinois was the only big 10 school to show up at Penn State after the sanctions hit. Lets just say November 2nd will be an a$$kicking fiesta as people in Orange not well liked at Penn State

Anyways Nathan Scheelhaase is still the qb seems like he's been at Illinois for 10 years. Oklahoma State transfer Wes Lunt will be eligible next year. This is a program that has lost 14 conference games in a row and 8 road games in a row. 10 of their top 14 tacklers are gone. Former W.Michigan HC Bill Cubit will be the OC here. Big 10 HM games vs Wisconsin,MSU,OSU and Northwestern rd games AT Nebraska,Penn State,Indiana and Purdue. I don't think it will be a good year in Champaign

5. Purdue 5-7

If you read what i've written the last 2 weeks you'd know i can't stand programs who think they're better than they really are. I think Purdue is 1 of those teams. Darrell Hazell comes over from Kent State where he was 16-10 SU and ATS. IDK what to make of the hire. The Boilermakers lose their top 2 qb's,top rb and 3 of their top 5 pass catchers. They don't play Michigan or Northwestern but a lot of tough games

This yr Purdue would have to pull an upset or 2 to make a bowl. Purdue needs to start putting more money into facilities. I'll call for 5-7

4. Penn State 6-6

LY i was not too popular with the ... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 15, 2013 04:10 PM

My ACC Atlantic division predictions....

7. Syracuse 2-10

Lot of change for the Cuse this year. new conference,HC,OC,DC and qb. Doug Marrone did a great job here and he left for Buffalo. Ryan Nassib leaves as the all time passing leader. Top 2 wr's Lemon and Sales are gone as well as the top 2 tacklers i don't see Cuse winning an ACC game this year and i think they will take their lumps in year 1 of the ACC

6. Maryland 3-9

I think a majority of Maryland fans would agree with me when i say for Maryland to have a chance to be halfway decent in the big 10 next year Randy Edsall can't be the HC.Why they fired Ralph Friedgen i'll never know. I will say if there was a HC who deserved a 3rd year it is edsall as they were 2 injuries away from me being the starting qb Hell they had a freshman LB at qb and they went to the triple option

5 of their top 8 tacklers are gone I see people picking the Terps as a suprise team in the ACC i don't see it. I see a 2-0 start and beating Cuse but thats about it. If you want to argue on the win total thats fine but there should be no argument that when they join the big 10 Edsall can't be the HC

5. Boston College 5-7

From 07-12 BC has fallen from 11 wins to 9,8,7,4, and LY 2. Steve Addazio who was the HC at Temple the last 2 years takes over. BC only sacked the qb 6 times LYThey gave up mearly 2600 yds LY including 516 to Army. I like Addazio and i like this hire for BC. though they avoid Ga.Tech and miami they play Clemson,FSU,V... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 15, 2013 03:17 PM

My ACC Coastal division predictions....

7. Pittsburgh 3-9

For the 1st time in a long time Pitt has a HC who is coming back for his 2nd year. Heading into LY's opener vs Youngstown State Paul Chryst was Pitt's 6th HC in 16 games! 1 of the coaches Mike haywood got fired 16 days in after domestic assault. Pitt lost both Ray Graham and Rushel Shell. BTW glad Coach Chryst didn't let that turd Shell come back. Nice to see a coach stand for something

Tino Sunseri had a nice year and he's gone as well as 5 of the top 7 pass catchers. Chryst is going with Savage at qb but imo i'd go with 1 of the young qb's. Pitt was +12 in turnover ratio LY but imo they didn't deserve to be in a bowl. When you play Youngstown State and Gardner-Webb you should have to win 7 games to make a bowl. A lot of new with Pitt this year,new players new league i think their 5 year streak of going to a bowl ends this year

6. Duke 5-7

Duke was 6-2 at 1 point LY and had a shot to play for an ACC title but they finished 0-5 including a heart breaking loss to Cincinnati in the bowl game. Sean Renfree and Connor Vernon are are gone but i think there's been a tad of an overreaction to Renfree departing. I don't think there will be a ton of a dropoff with Anthony Boone taking over. I saw him play vs Virginia LY as i bet on Duke i think he will do well. Coach Cutcliffe is adapting to the personnel he has and he will have more of a spread element in the offense this year.

LY in my ACC predictions i mentioned how in 20... [More]

Posted Wednesday, August 14, 2013 01:25 PM

My SEC East division predictions...

7. Kentucky 3-9

Trivia question for ya that can help you win a few bar bets. Who is the all time win leader in Kentcuky football history? The answer Bear Bryant who won 68 games in Lexington. Mark Stoops would have to win 7 a year for 10 years to break the record. That wouldn't bother Kentucky fans as that would mean they're a bowl team every year and their trying to get back to the success they had when Rich Brooks was the HC

If you hear an Air raid siren when you watch a Kentucky home game have no fear as the Air raid offense is back in Lexington after Stoops hired former Texas Tech OC Neal brown. They avoid A&M,LSU and Ole Miss but they have to play Florida and Bama at home as well as Georgia and South Carolina on the road

50,000 people showed up for the spring game season ticket sales are up. Mark Stoops has talked about winning an SEC title in Lexington. This will be a much improved/more fun team to watch this season

6. Missouri 5-7

If i was in a reamke of the Godfather i would make sure Missouri was in the movie so i could say "Mizzou you're dead to me" I thought Mizzou would win 9 games LY boy was i dumb. train69 warned me he said Mizzou would struggle with teams like Vandy and Kentcuky. I thought train was 1 of those fans who's afraid of his own shadow but he was right and as the fonz would say "I was not exactly right"

I knew in the Georgia game when James Franklin had no footwork and was throwing hesitation pass... [More]

Posted Wednesday, August 14, 2013 12:32 PM

My SEC West division predictions....

7. Arkansas 5-7

with the username packers1992 i'm often confused as also being a Wisconsin fan. I'm not a Badger fan nor am i a Bret Bielema fan. I've got news for my friends in the land of pigsooie the only thing you will ever win with Bret Bielema as your HC is the annual rib eating contest. You'll love his late game strategy The best thing to happen to Wisconsin was Bielema leaving

Personally i thought Arkansas needed to hire a spread offense type of HC like an Art Briles. A lot of the turds are gone from LY's debacle of a season. Arkansas could be DD dogs in all 4 SEC road games and in 6/8 SEC games. Arkansas fans you will eventually know what i mean about Bielema. Welcome to big boy football Bret

6. Mississippi State 6-6

boom_boom as made the comment about ESPN promoting the SEC{And they do} the one SEC team i haven't heard squat about this offseason is Miss.State. Hell i've heard more about Kentucky than Mississippi State. Dan Mullen imo is a very good HC but you can make the argument that every team in the SEC is getting better and Miss.State is stuck in neutral. Also as much as i like Mullen he did benefit from a lot of Sylvester croom's recruits

Tyler Russell his back for his Sr year but his top 4 pass catchers are gone including Chad Bumphis who caught 12 of Russell's 24 TD's The Bulldogs were +16 in turnover ratio LY so i see them coming back to the mean. Started 7-0 LY 1-5 finish. Mullen appears to be on the hot seat... [More]

Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2013 05:12 PM

Pac-12 North division predictions....

6. California 1-11

I loved the hire of Sonny Dykes and i believe he'll be great at Cal...just not this year. they lose 6 of their top 8 rushing yards leaders from LY,both qb's,their top wr and 4 of their top 7 tacklers. They have 9 games vs teams with bowl eligible records. Games on the rd vs Oregon,Stanford,UCLA and washington. the schedule is too brutal hell if Dykes wins 6 games with this schedule he should be the mayor of Berkeley

5. Washington State 4-8

I said the day Mike Leach was hired "If WSU wanted a coach who's the best in the country at winning the Holiday Bowl Mike Leach is your guy" I'm not a Leach fan never have been never will be. IMO he's a joke. This is a team LY that struggled to beat E.washington and UNLVLeach called his team LY Corpses,zombies and such hey if thats what you like in a coach god bless ya

No team LY was worse running the ball than WSU 252 att's for 349 yards. 0.7 yards per carry on the road. If i was Leach {thank god i'm not} i'd go with Austin Apodaca. Connor Halliday is all over the place if you're gonna suck then play the young kid. Tough start to the schedule at Auburn and USC but after the Oregon game From october 20th-November 15th the Cougars will have played 1 game in 27 days! The Cougars imo are a year from a bowl but i say they take a step forward in year 2

4. Washington 7-5

Husky stadium is renevated and the Huskies have a lot of pressure on them this year. I've heard Sarkasian co... [More]

Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2013 01:28 PM

My Pac-12 South division predictions....

6. Colorado 3-9

I thought Jon Embree would do a great job here but after a 4-21 SU record and 7-18 ATS he got his walking papers and played the race card on the way out. Mike MacIntyre comes in from San Jose State. Those are fans of "The Big Bang Theory" will get my upcoming reference that when MacIntyre was hired i called the hire "aloof but effective" He rebuilt that program in San Jose going 16-21 SU and 23-14 ATS however this job will be more difficult

He's bringing the pistol offense with him but defense is the niggest issue as LY they gave up 46 ppg worst in fbs. As well as giving up 7.1 yards per play worst in fbs. The offensive should be better especially now that they'll run the pistol hey if you're gonna lose then lose doing something different. Former Buffs HC Bill McCartney is headed to the college football HOF. He's 1 of the few to win consistently in Boulder,CO

I think MacIntyre will have this team in a bowl in 3 years but this year will be the start of the journey of a million miles

5. Arizona State 5-7

I see people predicting 8-9 wins for the Sun devils i don't see it. They could get off to a 1-4 start. Todd Graham is back for year 2... not something he does very often. I think Graham is a snake but he is 50-38-1 ATS in his college head coaching career. They cleaned up the penalties LY going from 8 per game to 4.2. I see a 4-3 start but i have them losing games to WSU,Utah and such. I won't get many free meals in... [More]

Posted Monday, August 12, 2013 04:35 PM

My Big 12 predictions...

alright guys i wrote up the smaller conferences last week. Now i'll write up the big conferences which usually causes anger angst and bitterness Lets get at it

10. Kansas 2-10

If i was Charlie Weis i'd have a sign on my door that says " My name is Charlie Weis and i've been stealing money since 2005" Hell LY he got paid more money from Notre Dame than Brian KellyHey guys trivia question for ya what do me and Kansas WR's have in common? We all caught zero td's LY Kansas only threw 7 td's LY as a team this year BYU transfer Jake Heaps is the starter. I liked him at BYU but Cummings looked good for the Jayhawks LY. LY the Jayhawks were the only big 12 team that didn't throw the ball 40 times in any 1 game

47.3% completions LY for Kansas qb's. 9 of their top 12 tacklers are gone. Hard to believe in 2007 they were 12-1 and since then 19-42. I hate to sound like an a$$ but get ready to watch Andrew Wiggins Jayhawks fans because there isn't much to see football wise this year

9. Iowa State 5-7

In Coach Rhoads 4 years in Ames the Cyclones are 21-3 when holding their opponents to under 24 points. When their opponents score more than 24 points they are 3-24.. This year the Cyclones lose 4 of their top 6 tacklers and top 3 pass catchers. Tough rd games in big 12 play. Coach Rhoads has done well in Ames but i say they have a bit of a down year and no bowl

8. TCU 5-7 {I have them beating Iowa State}

I will catch a lot of... [More]

Posted Saturday, August 10, 2013 06:47 PM

My AAC predictions....

Alright guys before we get started what we used to know as the Big East is now known as the American Athletic Conference or AAC

10. SMU 3-9

I said on Christmas eve when SMU played in the Hawaii Bowl GL playing this way in a big boy conference. They went from -16 in Turnover Ratio to +14. This was a fraud of a football team. They have the fewest career OL starts back of any AAC team. Garrett Gilbert might be one of the most overrated top recruits in Texas high school football history. He's still living off that Bama title game. He completed 53% of his passes in a run and shoot offense! If SMU wants to be better play Connor Preston at qb you accept mediocrity when you play Gilbert

June Jones brought in Hal Mumme has pass game coordinator i don't think it'll matter much. June Jones doesn't even want to be at SMU. If he had his choice he'd be at AZ.State. Zach Line was a great RB for them he's gone. I think they beat Montana State,Memphis and Temple. And i'll get heat for this because lets face facts A lot of guys on here love June Jones because he bailed them out of losing days when he was at Hawaii

The Run and shoot is broken and though they avoid Louisville i say SMU finishes last in the AAC

9. USF 3-9 {I have them beating SMU}

Willie Taggert did a great job at WKU rebuilding that program. Obviously bettors hope he brings his ATS success with him as he was 24-12 ATS at WKU. I think he'll do a good job here then again i thought... [More]

Posted Saturday, August 10, 2013 03:28 PM

Mountain West Western division predictions...

6. UNLV 1-11

I have to ask a stupid question guys and Lord knows i've asked many. How the F..K is Bobby Hauck still the HC at UNLV? Does he have pictures have the AD sleeping with a goat? He's 6-32 SU in 3 years,0-20 on the rd in his tenure.{UNLV as a program has lost 22 straight road games going back to when Mike Sanford was HC Last rd win was 2009} The Rebels have lost in the last 2 years to the great powers Southern Utah and Northern Arizona

If i have to explain why i'm picking UNLV to go 1-11 then there's not much i can do to help ya

5. Hawaii 3-9

I watched their last game vs South Alabama and after 5 minutes i said "I passed up a smoke BJ from my wife to watch this?" I actually watched the whole gamedoes that qualify me as a degenerate? Anyways i like Coach Chow and i still believe he'll do well at Hawaii but LY was tough. 3 of their top 4 tacklers are gone their leading tackler had 56! For the love of God Sean Schroeder better not play or i'll kick Chow in the nutsThe schedule is brutal for the Rainbow Warriors year 2 of Chow Time should look better but the record won't

4. San Jose State 5-7

LY 11-2 SU and ATS for the Spartans. Mike MacIntyre did a great job here and took his talents to Colorado. replacing him is former San Diego HC Ron Caragher and they're abandoning the pistol offense. As well as going to a 3-4 defense. David Fales the SR qb is back but there is change galore around him. New HC,new league,new offensiv... [More]

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