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Posted Sunday, February 26, 2012 01:11 AM

Let's pretend regarding Ryan Braun

  Let's pretend that Ryan Braun's urine sample was not diverted from the transport process for 44 hours, let's pretend that the collector would not have known there were 13  Fedex offices open between Miller Park and his home, let's pretend his story that he believed all Fedex stores were closed isn't a lie,  let's pretend that Braun's test result wasn't the highest in the history of testing for steroids, three times higher in fact than any previous dirty test of the thousands administered, let's pretend tampering isn't easily accomplished as medical experts have stated,
let's pretend he had never tested clean over the course of his career both in the minor and majors, let's pretend his numbers last year far exceeded anything he did before, and let's pretend that Braun gained 35 pounds of muscle and hit 65 home runs last year.   Those are the twisted mental gymnastics required if you're gonna look for every possible way to convince yourself Braun played dirty.   It's the "ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies" school of journalism.


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