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Posted Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:38 AM

saturday mlb plays

posting early today.  im going out fishing in like an hour.  hopefully i come back with a bunch of cod.  anyways i already got my plays eyed out.  and some writeup cause i had the time.

baltimore -105 - it looks like toronto will be a popular pick today  and rightfully so as romero has been impressive.  i must say though that this kid bergesen has been pretty damn impressive himself.  sportin a 5-1 2.83 era at home.  baltmore has a winning home record and in a division game at home i gotta take them at this cheap price.

cleveland +127 - i think ive thought pavano was shittier than he really is from when he sucked ass on the yankees.  hes not great but he keeps his team in most games.  galarrage is overrated. he had a good season last year but the books out on him now. mainly i think cleveland takes this game straight up. and i also expect them to start rolling out some wins after jsut a terrible month of baseball for them.

yankees +103 - i hate the yankees but i like them to bounce back here.  their bats are really doing damage right now.  they have been crushing righties whereas LA does not fair so well against lefties.  Having vlad and hunter out is not going to help.  Also i expect having pettite on the mound will counteract scioscias aggressive baserunning.  which he will especially want to implement with the missing big bats from the lineup. 

milwaukee +105 - i... [More]


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