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Posted Sunday, December 20, 2009 02:05 AM

I swear, the dark-shirted or 'home' team seems to cover 60-70% of bowl games!

We already started to see it last night.  Wyoming comes in as an +11.5 dog and wins outright in their 'home browns' and Rutgers -3 goes into the dome in their home reds and beats up on USF.

I remember commenting on this to my brother the last 2 years.  The dark-shirted or 'home' team (I know, the home team might be wearing their whites) seems to cover more times than not.  This is a statisitical anomoly I have observed the last two years.  If you bet the team wearing their home darks, you would win at a clip of 60-70% in my estimation.

I am an NFL wagerer and only casually bet on NCAA but I swear this happens every bowl year.  I don't know if it's a psychological edge or just coincidental but observe it for yourself and ask yourself if you've noticed it's true as well?

Now, the question becomes, how do you find out before the bowl game which team is wearing their dark uni's?  I would have thought Fresno St. as the favorite, better record, geographical proximity etc...would have been the 'home' team and wearing their red-on-red.  But not so, white uni's and they let Wyoming hang around and win.

Does anyone know of a site or reference which tells which team is wearing their home uniforms vs. road uniforms?  Let's put it out there for everyone to use.

I'd like to track the records of the dark-uni'd throughout the bowl games too.  Let's do it on this thread.  They are already 2-0 vs.... [More]


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