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Posted Saturday, January 21, 2012 06:00 AM

Free financial information

A lot of people say that nothing is free in this consumer-driven community. Usually, when we see an advertisement for free credit information, it includes a big catch. But here are a few places to go where you are able to get credit data that really is totally free. Source for this article: Free financial services that truly are

Read the fine print

Customers need to be careful when they are looking at getting free financial information. Most of the time, they will be automatically enrolled in the program, as the fine print disclaimers will typically say.

The services listed below, however, are true to their word. They offer useful information with no hidden fees attached.

All three credit agency reports

TransUnion, Experian and Equifax are three credit reporting agencies that you are able to get your credit rating from. Federal law requires them to release the report to consumers every year for free. If you would like your free report without any strings attached, the federal government site is where you should head.

Credit scores for free

Often there is a catch when a site offers to give you your credit rating free of charge. CreditKarma goes to TransUnion to get your score. You give them your last four Social Security digits, full name and address and they give you the score without any charges or disclosure of private info.

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