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Posted Saturday, January 28, 2012 11:36 PM

Youth Rec Hoops: pbnews VS the books!

Just two picks for you guys today - we're killing the Under-12s this week! Let's keep it rolling...

Trenton Falls Winter Rec League

12-and-under division

Raiders vs. Gryffindor Griffins  (+3, 36.5)

  Coach Ed’s Raiders have cruised in four straight, but with Cody Lewis battling the mumps, the silver and green will be without their 5-foot-1 behemoth.   Raider guard Jesse Schwartz provided some bulletin-board material for the Griffins, calling Brian Olson a ‘crybaby’ in reference to his sobbing tantrum after last Friday’s loss to the Red Hornets. 

  Analysis:  The 12-and-under division is home to some of the sloppiest play in the entire Trenton Falls Winter Rec League, and today’s matchup should be no exception.  Expect a low-scoring affair as the uncoordinated pre-teen competitors stagger awkwardly through the game, already mentally unwrapping their post-game granola bar.  I see some value on the Raiders, laying only three despite clearly having more non-Caucasians on the roster than the lily-white Griffins.  

Coach Ed is perhaps the division’s foremost strategist, having recently expanded the Raiders’ already-jammed playbook to two plays. If the Griffins can’t figure out how to stop Coach Ed’s baseline pick mismatch move, it could be a lo... [More]


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