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Posted Sunday, September 11, 2011 01:36 AM

HAHAHA! Who took the irish tonight?!

That was one friggin wierd game.  I really thought i lost my 300 with Michigan.  Then 2nd half was totally insane.  Then the last minute was out of this world!!!!

Irish looked good in the 1st half.  Waaaaay better than Mich.  They gave it away with turnovers imo.

What u think?

Posted Sunday, September 11, 2011 01:20 AM

Just give me your honest opinion....

Ok so i sat at home all friggin week with a sinus infection, ez access to local books (no online shit for me!), and had a total of 14 plays and was able to scrape out a profit of $460.  Last 4 plays of the day went 3-1 but the the amounts got bigger (BYU 500, Mich 300, Florida 100, and Uconn 50 which was a loser).  technically im a degenerate gambler, right?!!! 

Posted Tuesday, December 28, 2010 02:19 PM

Cmon! Vick, Jeremy, and Desean love the spotlight!!!


EAGLES -8 1st half

Everytime i watch these guys its practically SHOWTIME!!  Hoping for fireworks again.......

i feel eagles still want that bye week (who wouldnt? this is football.)  also threw smaller amounts on 1st and 2nd qtr.

Keep in mind bears play gb and i dont think i have to remind you but gb is money with rodgers back.  eagles know they have a GREAT chance to secure 2nd seed with a win and they will surely be rooting for gb.

back to the game:

I expect a huge game from Vick & co...too many weapons that will shine tonight against a mistake prone opponent...

Eagles will be ready for the run and waiting for Webb to throw a wounded duck with lineman in his face coming from all directions.

Eagles rank number 1 in the NFC & number 2 in the NFL in INT's...w/23 picks on defense.  The vikings lead the nfl w/25 int's thrown.  Webb has looked like a confused rookie & this isnt a good matchup for him tonight at all.

I would be surprised if they scored on the first play of the game....

MY FRIGGIN 2 cents

Posted Sunday, November 07, 2010 03:36 AM

Its been a long time coming.....BUT IM BACK

I havent posted in quite a while.  Been gambling so damn much, not because im addicted (yea right!), but i've been winning.  Only thing is..... i havent been betting BIG.  To me and me only that means A CLEAR MIND WITH CLEAR DECISIONS. 

I recall betting a thousand a game and i would try make a reasonable decision or pick.  IMO its hard to think when your trying to hit the "homerun" all the time instead of just trying to "get on base."  How about losing a thousand or two in the nfl morning games and trying to pick winners for the 1pm games? Very friggin hard to do and i believe its called chasing to some....

So this part gets to the point of if you believe me or not....here goes.  since week 2 of nfl i had one losing week for a loss of $76!!! last week i hit 1189, 932 the week before, 743 the week before that and after that i dont remember much cuz i smoke the devil's cabbage BUT i won. This week which is my best week im up 1617 all from placing small bets on ncaaf,nfl,nba.  So im hott and i got one play for everyone to check out.  If you can do 10 pt teasers here what i got.  i risk 117 to win 98.  its not alot of money but i truly understand the meaning of "its not a sprint. its a marathon" theory towards sportsbetting. 

10 point teaser (you can do 13  for a "safer" wager but i think 10 is more than enough:

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