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Posted Sunday, April 17, 2011 06:25 PM

My Take On the Whole Poker Situation

Even though everyone thinks this is a huge step backwards it really isn't.  

I believe the govt will open the doors to online poker and want a clean sheet to make sure the new sites are a success.

They will probably grant licenses to the major casino operators and deny licenses to those that have federal indictments in their applications.  Hint Hint

By legalizing it without punishing those that did not obey the law you essentially rewarded these companies for not playing by the book, and punished those that did and pulled out of the US market.

Now that the US wants to start fresh this is the only way to do it.  I just hope those casino's that get the license actually run a legit poker room.

Posted Monday, July 12, 2010 10:06 PM

porn for my iphone

Any way of not getting re-directed to a pay site.  Seems like all the go to sites charge when using the i-phone.

Posted Thursday, April 01, 2010 01:41 PM

Changes to Baseball Betting IMPORTANT

Finally a book that gets it right this is long overdue.

Way to go Bet365.


Pre Game
Game Total betting remains subject to the 8½ innings rule, except where the score is already over the quoted total (in such circumstances bets over will be settled as winners, with bets under settled as losers); or where the game is ‘called’ or suspended and any natural conclusion of the match would have resulted in the outcome of the Game Total being determined. e.g. MLB game is ‘called’, or suspended at 5-5, in such circumstances bets on Over 10 or 10.5 would be settled as winners, bets Under 10 or 10.5 settled as losers, since any natural conclusion to the match would have at least 11 runs.

4½ Innings Total betting will be settled on the score in the middle of the 5th innings, unless the Total quoted is already over. Where this occurs bets will be settled as follows – over bets on quoted Total will be settled as winners, under bets on quoted Total settled as losers. e.g. MLB game is ‘called’, or suspended at 2-2 at the end of the 3rd innings, bets on Over 3.5 would be settled as winners, bets Under 3.5 settled as losers, since the outcome of the quoted Total has already been determined at the time the game is ‘called’, or suspended.

This also applies to 5 Innings Total betting which is settled on the score after 5 full innings, e.g. MLB game is ‘called’, or suspended at 2-2 at the end of the 3rd innings, bets on Over 3.5 would be settle... [More]

Posted Thursday, March 18, 2010 06:05 PM


So last month me and a buddy decide to go to Vegas for 8 days and play in a few of the Venetian Deepstack Tourneys.

My friend is strictly poker while Iam more of a degenerate and will bet on anything.  All is going well the first 2 days and my bankroll remains a comfortable $2500.  I normally take $2000 with me and access to another $2000.  Iam very loosey goosey with the first 2k but really smart with the second.

Day 3 is upon us and Iam sick as a dog but I promised myself to ride the Bruins all three games while in vegas so I go down to bet the Bruins plus parlay them with the Canucks who are on a disasterous road trip.

On the way down in the elevator, its me, my buddy, and some old dude.  My buddy is the type of guy that talks to everybody, so he turns to the old dude and says "nice bling".  The old guy says "thanks SA Spurs championship ring Iam a minority owner".

So we get off the elevator and I tell him thursday night TNT SA vs Denver what do you think.  He says Denver has beaten us twice already the last time without Melo, he says Melo is back and Denver is playing very good ball.  I tell him the owners don't know nothing the peanut guy and popcorn vendor know better.  He agrees, laughs and we go in opposite directions.

So I bet a bill on Boston as a small fav and parlay Bost and Vancouver for a bill as well.  I go to the pharmacy to pick up some Nyquil and head back to see both te... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 26, 2009 01:01 PM

Types of sports gamblers

I think everyone here belongs to one of these types.  You will switch what type you are depending on how successful or unsuccessfull you are.

A,  The Pro

This guy studies each game and doesn't bet on hunches, he is very successfull in what he does and sports gambling is his bread and butter. (what we all strive to be)

B.  The Recreational Pro

This guy is very rare and I have only met one in my life.  He places only a few bets a year when he finds a great spot. He knows his sports and when a soft line or game is out there he will deposit a large sum and bet the one game.  When the game is done he withdraws the money till the next game.  This guy probably use to be a degenerate and knows sports gambling inside out.  (This is what I would like to be, best way to be successfull and fly under the radar.)

C.  The life long loser and the 16 year old kid

This type is the same type just fast forward the years.  The kids placing $25 bets and 6 team parlays thinking he knows how to cap because he went on one run.  This guy is no different than that 50 year old drunk you meet at the sportsbook who's been betting everyday for the last 20 years and has nothing.  He's hoping his 6 teamer will come through so he can have a bankroll but it never does 5 of 6 with the -300 fav losing outright to cost him.  You feel bad for this guy and hope its never you, the teenager usually gets in o... [More]


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