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Posted Wednesday, June 10, 2009 01:42 PM

Give credit to Stan Van Gundy

Orlando as we all know live and die by the 3 and are a jump shooting team. Those two strategies are frowned upon among analysts and experts as teams with those capabilities usually fail to deliver in the playoffs.    We saw how well Orlando shot the 3 ball against Cleveland but still haven't shown signs of stable 3 pointers except a few clutch ones from Rashard Lewis and Turkuglo in this series against the Lakers. It was clear to me that yesterday, Orlando has more weapons than just the perimeter shooting. Easy layups, dunks and chairty stripe was benefitting the Orlando Magic team. Courtney Lee really slammed that one dunk to the hole. Both Pietrus and Battie tried to replicate the same play but got fouled hard by the big men. Hell, even Lakers shot more 3 pointers than Orlando yesterday. Rafaer looked like Mikki Mouse yesterday running through the Lakers defense like Swiss Cheese. I think Magic have found the way to generate offense but need to find a way to stop the MVP.   Obviously, Kobe is undoubtedly lethal even on his off nights. 17 points in 1st quarter and I was like shit... If he does that for 3 more quarters, Orlando will need to shoot close to perfect to put out the Lakers team. But no mas, 2nd half Kobe looked fatigued and turned off the switch. When he does that, the whole team turns off. it doesn't matter as the last 6 minutes of any 4th quarter is Kobe's ball. If Lakers win, it's on Kobe. If ... [More]


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