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Why the Pirates are a good over play in season win totals

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Posted Sunday, March 20, 2011 08:58 AM   13 comments
The Pittsburgh Pirates!!!! Thats right for the first time since giving you the Royalsl in 07 the Rays in 08 the Rangers in 09 and the Astros in '10 Im giving you two teams. I already did a write up on the Jays over 77 and now im giving you the Pittsburgh Pirates. Dont laugh because here is why

The lineup- Not sure of the batting order so ill put em where I think they would look good.

J. Tabata.- This guy may be a rising star. A probable 10-40 guy and may get there this year. I think he may be a great table setter for s decent lineup

N. Walker- This kid is pretty decent. An older Pirate who can hit .300 with maybe 15 homers and 75 RBI.

A. McCutchen- Now this guy is a star. May get to 25 home runs this year with 90 or so RBI. He has the moxie to hit .300 also. Typical Pirate that will be traded when the time comes. I envision this guy being an all star this year along with.....

P. Alvarez- Young first round pick will easily eclipse 25 home runs and could get a shot at 100 rbi. A rising star for third baseman. By next year's spring training he will be mentioned in the same breath as David Wright and others.

L. Overbay- A professional hitter wont get many home runs but he could lead the team in walks and doubles. Should drive in 70 runs with a decent .270 BA Great glove at first will save many errors in the field.

G. Jones- Not much in way of average but can or will hit you 20 home runs and drive in 80 or so.

R. Cedeno- Could do worse than this. Has below average pop evidenced by his 8 homers last year.Will bat around .260 and play an adequate

Doumit/Snyder. decent option at catcher. Wont hit much but you could do alot worse than these two at C. Between the two of them you may get 25 home Runs but also a .240 BA.


Starting Staff.

J. McDonald.- L.A. let this guy go. Torre for some reason never really gave him a shot. He is a young lefty with some speed on his pitches. He has K per inning ability. Not the prototypical ace but should get the job done as the Pirates numero uno.

R. Ollendorff- Despite a 4.07 E.R.A. his record last year was horrendous. I know of an 18 game winner who had a worse ERA than Ross. He wont blow any hitter away but the guy is super smart and knows how to pitch. I think he can get to 10 wins if he stays healthy this year. But he may also lose 10 too.

P. Maholm- Just not a very good pitcher. Had a 5+ ERA last year but he should be better than that this year. Doesnt K many batters but can keep the team in the game long enough for an improved offense to win it.

K. Correia- This is a bad option as the number 4 but then again so is the number 2. For the Pirates, they need to get better here. If Kevin is going to pitch well he may keep the team in the game and pitch 7 Innings. But lets hope he gets ample run support.

S. Olsen. He had his worst stat year last year. Lets hope he gets better. Thats all there is to say about the four and five starters.

The Pen

C. Morton
C. Resop
J. Karstens

E Meek
J. Hanrahan.

Not a terrible bullpen. Hanrahan can be dominant. His K rate is thru the roof. They envision E Meek as a closer is the near future. The pen could be worse but its in the lower half of the league.

Well despite a terrible pitching staff I do think the offense will lead this team to 74-75 wins. For Pirate fans that would be an treat. Call me crazy but im undefeated since 2007 and im putting my money where my mouth is as I will throw 500 on the Pirates and 500 on the Jays. I do it every year without my wife knowing. Until I win then she gets her grubby little hands on it. But with my husband stash now gone lets hope I cash on these two winners.

Bash away!

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Joker25 says:
3/20/2011 11:56:43 AM
God I live 10 mins away from the city your giving that sad excuse for a team alot of credit. Good luck though
t6rider says:
3/20/2011 12:06:10 PM
I agree that lineup is not bad at all. They will win between 40-45 games at PNC Park. They need to mature on the road this year. Also James McDonald is right handed. Good luck man.
Spitfire15 says:
3/20/2011 12:34:43 PM

One area where you are wrong is Neil Walker... kid is not 'pretty good'  he is a fucking STUD.  His best asset is his patience and great eye at the plate, never chases after balls, ever.  STUD.
Spitfire15 says:
3/20/2011 12:36:37 PM
And you are wrong about Ronny Cedeno's lack of power as well... he has sneaky power... if he played in a park that was literally 5 feet smaller all the way around he would have had 20 homers, he can really turn his skinny little body into the ball and send it a long way... its amazing how many times he hit doubles off of the top 1 or 2 ft. of the wall.  Ronny 'Sneaky Power' Cedeno  he's really not bad at all.
Althom says:
3/21/2011 11:40:24 AM
McDonald is a righty...
Iw1nBets says:
3/21/2011 12:03:17 PM
KeyElement says:
3/21/2011 12:20:06 PM
Not only is McDonald a righty, but if you have to view him as the "#1 stud" in that rotation you are flailing at windmills right from the git-go. Pirates goal is to win 63 and avoid 100 losses. That would be success to an organization as bad as that one is. Pitching wins, not offense, but that promising young offense should help a lot of other teams post overs with the Pirates. I have no dog in this fight, so BOL.
Mwhelan11 says:
3/23/2011 1:51:42 PM
hahahah wow worst article.... Look at that pitching rotation.... agree with keyelement they will be happy with avoiding 100 loses.
ragingstorm says:
3/23/2011 8:09:45 PM
Yes Mcdonald is a righty sorry but I never said he is a stud. for the Pirates he will be a pretty good ace. the guy will K 1 per inning.
Iw1nBets says:
3/24/2011 7:02:44 AM

this is a crazy bet. GL though

hoopsvader says:
5/11/2011 1:52:45 PM
Post your plays today
ragingstorm says:
7/16/2011 8:50:29 PM
ragingstorm says:
10/15/2011 5:55:57 PM
Yet another winner. 5-0 in season totals. One per year for five years.
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