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Posted Friday, November 26, 2010 09:35 AM

New York Jets @ New England Patriots Week 13

     I don't have a play on this game (obviously, as I don't think there is a line out anyway but I feel like we can start discussing it. The fact that I am a huge Patriots fan aside, this has to be the game of the season from an implications standpoint. Both teams are 9-2 and with each team continuing to win I'd say its fair to assume that this game is basically for the AFC East and a first round bye. Even bigger though is that the lose will be stuck with the 5 seed and almost definitely a trip to SD to play a dangerous team that nobody will want to see in the post season. For all the good each team has done this year and all of the narrow escapes (Pats getting by with sketchy pass D and the Jets winning at least 2 games (some would argue more then 2) that they shouldn't have) one team will be resting in week 18 and getting ready for a week 19 game in their own backyard while the other goes to SD to lose. Yes, I said it, whoever goes to SD to play whether its the Jets or the Pats will lose. If whoever gets the 5 seed is lucky enough to have the Chief's hold on to win the division then God bless them but I believe it will be SD.     You'd have to think this line will be right around -4. Patriots are home with the revenge angle and are such a different team from when these teams played in week 2. The Jets have been winning but playing uninspiring football. They should have lost at least 2 of the games that they have won of late but managed to pull... [More]

Posted Wednesday, December 23, 2009 09:50 AM

A capping conundrum. Lets discuss...

Alright guys, I've got a discussion topic for the board. A lot of us have been doing this for a while and more specifically been hanging around this board for a while. I have been trying really hard to commit more time and effort to not just individual game picks but more so the process in which I go about handicapping these games. I think we would all agree that a variety of aspects going into capping games such as but not limited to the quality of teams, injury, weather, venue, the situation of the team (do they need a win/are they unmotivated), travel schedules, and lastly the good old "gut" feel. I suppose that is what I want to discuss. I have found myself time and time again in situations like tonight. I personally thought the Redskins were a great play tonight. I was an inch away from placing a fairly large wager on them. I had them available to me at +3 (-130), ML or alternative line which I believe was -3.5 (+190) or so. I had settled on +3 and literally just had to push confirm. I didn't push it. Many times before in this situation (live home dog in a divisional game is a spot I like) I have pulled the trigger without hesitation but not tonight. Tonight I hesitated. Some sort of internal bell went off in my head and said "I know you like this play but something isn't right" I laid off and played the under for $150 and lost. Sure I lost, however, I lost about 10% of what I was going to wager and truthfully it didn't have a huge impact on me. I saved myself from a big... [More]


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