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Posted Sunday, May 03, 2009 10:35 AM

Did you pay for the fight last night?

Were you among the 71 million people who payed the 50 dollar tag to watch hatton vs pacman last night? I was. Boy was i pissed. They showed 2 4 round fights that involved a bunch of flabby amateurish bums! Then the main event lasts 2 rounds. I opened my first beer, friends showed up, and baaaaaaang! it was over!! i wanted a twelve round thriller for 49.95! That is why the UFC is bigger than boxing right now.. more bang for your buck! They show like ten fights, and the action never stops. and not to mention its cheaper... we talkin 44.45. So the next time the UFC has a ppv, pick up the tab and calls some friends over.. you guys will have a blast and you will get your moneys worth! Non of this OLAYYY Bullshit!


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