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Posted Saturday, July 11, 2009 12:44 PM

UFC 100 should be an outstanding night

Off to UFC 100 in the AM, should be a blast as always. Golf, gamble, drink, strippers and o man life is good and people talk about the economy ??? Not in my world.   This is a very very interesting card and has the potential to be a HUGE $$$ maker for smart players. There are some WAY WAY WAY ridiculously overpriced favorites on this card that should clearly be favored but not by anywhere close to the numbers they are currently posting. I am going to riding the underdog train (as usual) and hoping to see some of these way overpriced favorites take a fall.  Below are the writeups.....(will probably post more detailed write ups on the plane but this gets you my plays) those of you that want to contact me have the #, those of you that don't have the number don't need to contact of luck with your plays and enjoy the fights. PEACE OUT   Lesnar - Mir I am taking Mir at +180 ....... after watching Lesnar's win against Randy for the 100000th time I am more and more convinced Mir wins this fight AGAIN. Lesnar lost round 1 to RC and if not for outweighing him by 70 pounds in the ring that night I don't think he beats RC. I have no problem with Lesnar and am certainly not a hater I just don't get why Mir doesn't get any love......prior to the motorcycle accident he was the heavyweight champ and very dominant he has now worked his way all the way back and the resume of fighters he has beaten in the past 3 years is as impressive a lis... [More]


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