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Posted Thursday, August 29, 2013 04:07 AM

TeaserKing2 opening week 2013 CFB

Finally here, lets have a great season, I closed up last year after the bowl season. Basketball was just too much to try to cap on a daily basis. I post mainly five point teaser plays. I will sometimes go with sides or totals but I won't count those on my weekly win loss records. I will combine NFL and college picks starting next week. For those who will tell me to go fork myself and call me a tout, go pound sand. For those who might consider my picks as a way to win, good luck. Last year starting mid season I was 42-12-2  check my space for documentation.

1. I like Utah st +8  2. NILL +8  3.BYU -3 1/2  4. NWSTN -1

5. Fla st  -5  6. Colo st +3 I'm also going to play these teams as a small parlay just for fun!  I'm also going to play a long shot parlay adding Calgary (CFL) and Seattle (WNBA). The Peppermill and Cal Neva are the places I make my wagers.


Posted Sunday, December 02, 2012 10:28 PM

Twirpish Costa's halftime gun grabbing rant

Bob Costas has always been a twirpish weanie type who was able to work himself into the sports world as an outside interviewer-commentator with a focus on human interest and social causes in relations to sports. No one takes him seriously as a front and center announcer Now this dipstick thinks he has the influence/authority to get on his pc platform and and tell us because there those out there that have a screw loose whether they play in the NFL or anywhere else, that we must all give up our second amendment rights, that we are all disfunctional train wrecks just waiting to happen and we must comply to what cutting edge progressive monitors like him believe..

Posted Sunday, November 25, 2012 08:25 PM

Teaser King's 11/22-11/25 picks wrap-up

10-2 for the week, 42-11-2 from 10/10/2012 college,pro football 6 pt teaser sides/totals (mostly sides)

most of my picks also covered the regular number but its hard to tell which 'lock' will be the one that doesn't. Once again I consider a two (6 for 5) or three (5 for 8) team six point teaser parlay is safer than a tight lined straight bet. College season winding down time to start focusing on the bowl games which is a different capping strategy.

Posted Sunday, November 25, 2012 03:53 AM

Lack of discipline will lose you money

I just want to relay a lesson I seem to have to re-learn over and over again. Since I live in Reno NV, I like to put together parlay cards occasionally at the local sportsbook. My main focus is two or three play teasers. Thats why I call this page 'Teaser King'. But every once and a while I'll go for a long shot and play a six to eight regular side or total parlay off the board or a card. I usually play off the board because the cards usually leave off the lesser known public games or the games they consider too much of a risk. (The best overall cards to play are the William Hill cards. They usually have the most plays, best odds and higher payouts). 

 Today I missed a six teamer by one pick and another and another by two. The first loser was Clemson.  The two on the other card were Indiana and Wyoming. One of my main rules in capping is to avoid teams perceived to be weaker than the other. The other even more important rule is never to choose a play I didn't do my complete homework on.

Posted Saturday, November 24, 2012 04:04 PM

Teaser King's pro additons for 11/25

Currently I am at 32-10-2  As always these are six point teaser plays. Any regular side or total plays I recommend  are not counted on the record. I combine college and pro football.
Syracuse -3.5 They have knocked off higher level teams with an offense that can compete with most top tier teams and a defense that should control a one dimensional Temple offense
Nebraska -8. A strong regular play at -14 but at -
8 very comfortable as a teaser play
Vandy-6.5 With a consistent ats record and emerging passing offense this is another potentially strong regular side play along with a  teaser play
Fresno st. -10.5 With a defense that should control the run and a QB that has star potential, I will go ahead and make a regular side play also.
Mississippi +4.5 I think this team has shown enough to make me believe they will prevail over a team with a softer schedule and a revenge mode in a intra-state rivalry.
Minnesota +14 The Gophs have played their best at home and the number is too much for an anemic Spartan offense to cover
Baylor +4 I was impressed with how they ran against Kst and I will fade Txtch in this one.
I'll try to post NFL picks before Sunday.

Posted: 11/22/2012 4:13:04 PMjust a heads-up to my 11/21/2012 post. I reviewed my picks and saw some problems with Minnesota (mostly injuries)that I must caution anyone considering them even at +14. I will stand by the pick for my record since I've had it posted.
I al... [More]

Posted Monday, November 12, 2012 12:23 AM

Teaser King's blog

As a sports fan I am into football and baseball in both watching and wagering. Basketball is more of a wagering vehicle for me. WNBA,NBA,NFL,CFL, college football,college basketball,these are the sports I am into in regards to sports wagering investing. Along with several other kindred souls we are always burning the midnight oil to come up with the strongest plays. After intense think tank sessions, our consensus plays are ready for any and all to deploy in their bookie killing arsenal.
We think a small teaser parlay is preferable to a single regular side straight bet. I am more comfortable with a two teamer with a six point cushion in my favor than sweating out a tight line that more often than not will win or lose by one to four points either way. At 5/6 odds, the payout is close enough to make it worth it. Or a three teamer at 8/5 even better.
Obviously there are certain rules in teaser plays we follow. We avoid the inconsistent Jeckyll and Hyde teams, the ones that lose to teams they should beat, then beat the teams they should lose to. We like to identify consistentcy in teams.
Certain numbers are key. We avoid playing teams laying less than four. We like home favorites laying four to eight. Or strong dogs getting two+. These are just some of the things we focus on a teaser kings.
I won't try to tell you what or how much or who to play. I'll just try to come up with a list of strong plays in which one can come up with solid two o... [More]


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