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Posted Monday, September 21, 2009 08:23 PM

MNF 09/21/2009

It's that time again.  Have not been doing that well in these single games.  I believe my current official record is like 0-3 or 0-4 including 1st half plays but I've been doing much better with halftime plays though.

Anyway, it seems like the board is split down the middle somewhat on the side but from the look of it, how can you not take the Colts at -3 over the Fins who struggled big time against the Falcons last week.  I know, Fins were on the road inside the dome but it's still Atlanta and I only consider Atlanta's defense to be average at best. Of course they're home tonight, national stage, going against Peyton who also struggled last week against the Jax, an average team at best.  Teams tend to play up another level on national TV and I do believe that's the case tonight.  Well at least half of the team will, the defense.  Tonight I'm loving the under, too bad I got home a bit late and it's 41 only at both of my books and from the local.  Anyway, no matter what I can't see this game goes over 37.  

Also, loving Indy first half at -2.5 & -1.5.  If there is any adjustment to be made it will be in the 2nd half but as I've stated earlier, this game will go under 37 points so 41 is plenty.

BOL everyone!

Posted Sunday, September 13, 2009 12:59 PM

Week 1

All right guys, the first week is officially here.  Took it in the chin on Thursday with Pitts 1st half and game.  Still can't believe how terrible Pitt played on both offense and defense, espeically giving up that TD before the half.

Moving onto today, already locked in with my local the following:

Jax and under
Over of Mia/Atl (was going to stay away but the movement sucked me in)
Under Min/Cle (tailing my buddy Kalind on this but I do agree with the play, lots of running)
Denver (too much hype on Cincy at the beginning of every year and all the negative news coming out from Denver, line is off a bit IMO.  Initially I was leaning towards the under also but got it at 41 so decided to pass and wait till 2nd half)

Was leaning towards Houston also but read at another board something on this game that got me thinking so I'm just gonna lay off until halftime.

BOL to everyone today.



Posted Thursday, September 10, 2009 06:26 PM

Thursday Nite Football--Let's get thiis season started!!

Hello Gents,

It's that time of the year again.  Let's hope we all can make some cash off the man this year.

As for tonight, we have Pitt giving 6.5 to the Titans.  Personally I don't think the Titans' offense can do much against Pitt's defense.  May be it's because I just do not like K. Collins and do not think he can perform like the way he did last year.  I'm looking at the under but 35.5 does not sound right to me.  It looks like a big hook for under players like myself so I'm staying away from the o/u until halftime.

As for the side, it's crazy to say that I love Pitt tonight but I do really like Pitt giving anything below a td.  In fact I have Pitt winning by 10 or more.  Another thing that makes me feel more confidence about my play is how successful the SB winners have been in their first game, especially against this Titans with that stomp the towel incident last year. 

As for first half, I'm also making a play on Pitt, expecting the score to be around 13-3.  My first half play is usually half of my game play.

Also in college, I'm going with Clemson tonight.  Yes Clemson has an inexperience QB going into a hostile environment against a divisional foe but don't count the Tigers out, I think they will surprise lots of people this year, especially catching more than fg in always nice.  I think LSU wrote the book on how to play against GT's offense last year in the bowl game so expe... [More]


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