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Posted Friday, January 01, 2010 01:20 PM

Hollinger's Best NBA Players of the Decade

For those interested

10. Paul Pierce

He didn't have the blow-up years players like McGrady, Vince Carter or Gilbert Arenas did, but he was phenomenally consistent and durable. Pierce kept his PER in the 20 range all decade, was a much better defender than most high-scoring wings and, of course, was the MVP of the 2008 NBA Finals.

He never made first-team All-NBA and never should have, but his body of work across the entire decade puts him on this list.


9. Dwayne Wade

You can make a strong argument for ranking Wade higher given his two historic performances, the first coming in the 2006 Finals (which I've argued was the best Finals effort in history) and the second coming with his brilliant play in 2008-09. But major gaps litter his record: a pair of 51-game seasons due to injuries and a brief résumé before 2006.

On a 2005-2014 All-Decade team five years from now he'd probably crack the top three or four, but on this list his body of work is too limited to rate higher than ninth.


8. Chauncey Billups

The only player on this list to make seven straight conference finals, Billups wasn't a bit player on any of those teams; he consistently posted PERs in the low 20s and added solid defense at the point. In terms of hardware, he won the 2004 Finals MVP, and would have taken home a second if Detroit had hung on to a second-half lead in Game 7 of the 2005 Finals against Sa... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2009 09:35 AM

I always thought Sheed was on crack...

Rasheed Wallace says the Boston Celtics can win more than 72 games

Man, I have to admit, I think we are going to occasionally miss ridiculous Rasheed Wallace comments this season. Sheed tells the Connecticut News that the Celtics are going to challenge the Chicago Bulls' record of 72 regular season wins:

"Definitely, playing with those three other guys, also combining that with the guys we have on the bench, I think we definitely can. Me personally, I think we can get that Bulls record. You know we have the talent for it. We have the will for it and ... I think we have the defense for it."

You sure, Rasheed? The writer, Thomas Halzack, even gave have a chance to back off, asking, "Do you want me to use that?" But you know Rasheed would not back off of a crazy quote:

"You can. Because honestly, I really do feel that. That was a good team. They had some HOFs on there, but we have a few on this team, too."

It's true, Boston has some good players. And if this was 2002, that Garnett/Pierce/Allen/Wallace foursome would be a little extremely imposing. But there's a lot of mileage on those guys, particularly KG, and he's still moving pretty gingerly on that knee.

Those 72-win Bulls had a still-in-his-prime, possibly best player of all-time in Michael Jordan on the roster. The Celtics don't even have a guy I would consider a top five player in the league right now (sorry P-squared). Everyone knew that Chicago team was historically... [More]

Posted Friday, May 22, 2009 07:02 PM

Rod's 2009 French Open

I don't claim to be an expert on tennis. However the French Open is my favorite tennis tournament every year so will follow it closely.
Going through the futures markets now, hunting for the best price on Rafa which will be the few ocassions I will bet that much chalk. Not going to bet on qualifying though.
From a womens perspective I think it will be a Russian dominated event. Safina and Kuznetsova come into this tournament as the form players on the surface, do believe this is little Safin's year. Wozniacki is a bit of a sleeper even though highly seeded, her movement on the surface is exceptional which will ensure she will be competitive against the big guns but not sure she has the firepower to beat the likes of Safina, Kuznetsova, Jankovic in the business end of the tournament.

Posted Sunday, December 28, 2008 08:17 AM

Rod's NBA Sunday

The Knicks are at a season low right now, currently on a 5 game losing streak has resulted in D'Antoni talking about them being in a "crisis."  The Nuggets start a 4 game road swing today and come into this game with a lot of momentum after their come from behind win against the Sixers.
With Melo back the Nuggets have too much firepower for the Knicks whose shot selection has been atrocious recently.
Nuggets -4 over Knicks

Posted Sunday, December 14, 2008 03:41 AM

Treatment of NBA Coaches

With the news of Mo Cheeks being the latest head coach being sacked it represents the most number of head coaches sacked before Christmas in ANY season played in the history of the NBA.
It's an absolute joke that we are only 25 or so games into the season and that there has been so many who have been given the flick. The NBA players get it way too easy and take no responsibility for their own poor performances. Instead of front office taking the easy way out and blaming the coach for their own team's poor start to the season how about they grow some balls and start calling out some of their own players who don't perform on a nightly basis.

Posted Wednesday, October 29, 2008 07:53 PM

Rod's NBA Wednesday 10/29

Jazz -8 over Nuggets (5)

Just getting the early season Nuggets fade going starting tonight who I expect to regress significantly this season. Even without D-Williams and Harpring this Jazz team owns the Nuggets and are far too deep for them. Nuggets will be severely shorthanded for this encounter having already lost Melo through suspension, Sonny Weems, Chucky Atkins and Steven Hunter all carrying injuries and AI having a less than ideal preseason missing 4 of 7 games due to a sore left knee and sprained right ankle.

Jazz own the Nuggets as their recent series history suggests winning 3 of 4 meetings last season and 9 of the last 12.

Posted Tuesday, October 28, 2008 04:35 AM

NBA Opening Night

3 games on the card tonight, one that stands out is the game between the Celtics and Cavs, 2 teams expected to go deep this season in the post season.

Cavs +7 over Celtics (5)

Cavs ML over Celtics - (+235) (2)

Tough to provide any great insights this early in the season with many teams retooling their rosters over the off season and preseason offering very little assistance in terms of capping the regular season. The obvious angle that I am playing here is the distraction of the the banner raising and presentation of the championship rings to the Celtics players. Over the past 2 seasons the NBA champions have failed to cover the spread in the opening night. We all remember how the Bulls smashed the Heat in '06 and then the Trailblazers were very competitive throughout the whole game and covered as a DD dog last season against the Spurs.

o179.5 Celtics v Cavs (3)

Same total that was listed during the playoffs between these teams last season however the atmosphere I don't believe will be anything like a playoff intensity tonight given the 10 minute presentation that will take place pregame. I'd expect the Celtics to come out a little loose on D to start the game and add to the fact the Cavs pushing the ball more this season with the introduction of Mo Williams into the starting lineup this should fly over.

I may add a play in the late game, passing on the Bucks/Bulls because honestly I have no idea what to expect with thi... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 28, 2008 04:10 AM

Rod's NBA Futures 2008/09

Regular Season Wins   Minnesota T-Wolves "over" 30.5 (10)   This is my top futures play for this season. The T-Wolves have been in rebuilding phase since the blockbuster trade beginning of last season when they traded away KG. Last season they recorded a season record of 22-60 however what made me pull the trigger on this bet was that at the backend of last season they clearly showed signs of improvement. They have a very good inside-outside balance with one of the best emerging talents in Jefferson flanked by quality perimeter shooters in Foye, Miller and McCants. The addition of Miller especially with provide this young team with leadership which they perhaps were lacking last season. Whilst making the playoffs is an unrealistic expectation for this team in suich a competitive conference, this season will continue to be a rebuilding one for the T-Wolves however expect them to improve significantly from last season.   Dallas Mavericks "under" 46.5 (5)   I'll be looking to fade the Mavs a lot this season as their window of opportunity to win a championship has well and truly closed IMO. The addition of Kidd was clearly a poor move by the front office and a panic decision after the tarde of Gasol to the Lakers and all it has done is age this squad even more. Dirk and Howard's numbers dropped significantly last season and they were the cornerstone of the Mav's success over the past 3 seasons. With the West being even more com... [More]


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