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Posted Saturday, April 14, 2012 08:39 AM

sat 14th winners

240-200 -under 9 sox/rays . take a look at the career numbers for hellicknson/buchholtz.neither one has given up over 3 runs against. going to be a nice day, 60,s. but could see the shadows with 4 pm start.
240-200-wilson doesn;t have that much movement on his ball. yanks will work him long in the counts with alot of walks.yanks obviously playing better ball
145-100 dodgers with the ol man lily. great numbers against triple a
160-100 giants
100-150   astros.    norris is very good.
gotta run ,gl today

Posted Wednesday, January 04, 2012 10:45 PM


OVER. clemson with a few more turnovers and some easy points for the mountaineers. big day for w.v. teams     gl.

Posted Saturday, November 26, 2011 11:21 PM


JETS -9.5    jets have covered last 4 in series by an average of 18 points including a beating in buffalo this year. bill o line is in shambles. and of course fred jackson going down. #2 reciever d. nelson also out which leaves revis to cover s. johnson who is also banged up. i think sanchez has a good week passing to holmes especially with top corner mcgee out.
Texans -6   Texans d really playing well. and do they need to with gabbert at qb? jags actually got 14 on them earlier this year. 1 gt td.leinart played well in preseason and when your dumping off to foster you can't go wrong.with knighton out on d-line  i think tate and foster have big days. plus andre johnson is back.  
DA BEARS +4 and ml- Really like the way this bears team is playing and i expect them to rally here with hanie.raider d line banged up(seymore) and linebackers are slow. good for forte dump offs. i think palmer is no good. he throws floaters alot. and his recieving corp is hurting. could be starting chlinz and murphy. looking for a solid bear defense to ground bush and make carson look silly
DENVER +6 it's just not happening for phillips this year. probably since his o line is decimated(3 guys out) and he's running for his life. and the d isn't very good. after 10 days of rest i expect tebow and mcghee to run well. gates may be a problem but bailey will lockdown v. jackson.denver d playing well and with 10 days is san diego really 4-6? haha
&nbs... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 05, 2011 09:42 PM

play a few of these a week. hit my first

Progressive Parlay (12 Teams) 09/29/11 19:23 ET
bet 10.00 to win 9,000.00 (paid 9010.0) Result: Wager Won Auburn 16
SCarolina 13 10/01/11(15:40 ET)
Auburn +10 Baylor 35
KansasSt 36 10/01/11(15:30 ET)
KansasSt +3.5 Clemson 23
VirginiaTech 3 10/01/11(18:10 ET)
Clemson +7 Haw... [More]

Posted Friday, February 25, 2011 10:46 AM

my picks and thoughts f.w.i.w.

Fowler/kuchar- had fowler 2 days in a row. really like the way he plays and conducts himself. beat down of phil and he expected it. kuchar has that deer in the headlights look too often. this is going to be my biggest golf bet ever.
FOWLER  140-100 .
also have fowler 10-400 to win it all

mcdowell/yang   all i know about yang is  just know mcdowell is playing great, moving up in world rankings. i remember the clusterpuck of quiros/yang on wed
MCDOWELL   50-27.78

watney/moore  all i hear is watney this /that blah blah. this is a pickem in my mind and i will be watching so...
MOORE 30-36

mahan/kaymer  mahan couldn't putt yesterday so i expect them to drop today. i like his demeanor. Why is kaymer a big fav?
MAHAN  30-33

bubba/oglivy   How is oglivy doing this? wasn't he the tiger clone and then fell off the map? great match play record but bubba playing great. and i get even money. plus i will be watching
BUBBA 30-30
yes these are my actual bets. don't bet golf much but i will be watching and doing play by play today. and please if anyone has info....flu/chicks/beer that these guys are doing let me know. gl to everyone

Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011 10:15 PM


going with the home dogs loy-maramount and santa clara.both on t.v and both dogs got blown out earlier this year. add to the fact neither marys or the zags are as good as years past. going with both overs also.
santa clara+6.5
loyola +8.5  looks like viney is a go
over 143.5
taking the ucla bruins also. oregon had a nice little run but comes to a halt tonight. -9       
gl to the forum!!

Posted Tuesday, January 25, 2011 01:35 PM


colorado has covered the last 3 in this series. losing at home by 6 in O.t. last year.
everyone saw kansas demolish baylor on national know what? baylor is not that good. that is why the line opened at 8. I think the texas game exposed them a little for being soft and not mentally ready yet. And i expect a kansas letdown here after coming out fast against texas and then getting swamped 2nd half.
Seen this alot over the years a team that loses their 1st game has serious trouble bouncing back.
 colorado is coming off 2 tough road losses so i expect a huge effort here.
COLORADO +7.5       GL

Posted Friday, January 21, 2011 06:15 PM


yes i am taking SOUTH CAROLINA UPSTATE +19.5
they played belmont pretty tough last year losing by 13 and 10 points.nice article about how belmonts wins are averaging 29 point wins over conference opps. sure upstate knows this,
  also belmont has e.tenn st up on deck
 and i did a small play on lipscomg bisons tonight.
gl to everyone tonight and bend the books over. go celts!


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