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Posted Friday, April 25, 2014 02:38 AM

Radwanska vs Sharapova

Been looking forward to this potential matchup in this tournament. The only advantage Sharapova has is that she has a lifetime record of 8-2 vs Aga Rad. They are split 1-1 in the only two matches they've had in the last year plus. Radwanska is in good form and entering the prime of her career. Sharapova is a choke artist even if she is to win the first set which I don't expect to happen.

Sharapova needs to get this win to stay in top 10 WTA. So yes there is urgency, but there's reasons she's teetering on the edge of the top ten. She is not entering enough tournaments and not getting to enough finals. With this urgency in play, I fully expect Sharapova to choke. On my dong.

Line is currently Radwanska +200. I expect her to win in straight sets so I will gladly take this underdog line for my max units play.

Good luck to all Aga Radwanska bettors !

Posted Tuesday, January 25, 2011 03:08 AM

Do you truly care, as gamblers, if athletes take steroids?

I can tell you personally that I do not care if athletes take steroids even if I was a non-gambler.

This is going to be a loopy stream of consciousness writing so bear with me.

I took a Western Civilization class in college and I tend to think of the USA as the modern day Romans. Therefore, our American sports of today (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA), which are held in arenas/stadiums/ballparks, are equal to what coliseums were built for in Roman days for gladiators.

Now I'm gonna go out on on a limb here and say that ancient Romans gambled in the coliseums on these gladiators. Do you think these guys cared what happened to the gladiators?

Fast forward to now. I don't give a flying eff about athletes and concussions and all that stuff.
I pay to see you hit HRs (Josh Hamilton, he cheats on his wife and takes a lot of fun drugs. As if Charlie Sheen's character in Major League wouldn't do that.. as if you wouldn't do that... Yeah you degenerate fucks reading this gambling website), dunk over people (Blake Griffin... even if you look like Josh Hamilton's albino brother with downs and most likely have an IQ under 75 and there is no way you could have been admitted into any college. Did anyone else see him hit his head on the backboard dunking in college? ), and win the game/cover the spread for me (Ben Roethlisberger, this man is great in the clutch at escaping the pocket and making plays on the run... and he is also great at raping women and not gettin... [More]

Posted Tuesday, December 14, 2010 06:47 PM

One Hit Take All Play for Week 15

I didn't realize it until now since I play a lot of plays that I don't post such as teasers and longshot ML parlays, but I'm on a good roll when I post on Covers (6-0) in the last month.

12/14/10 NFL: 3-0 +$3300
12/02/10 NFL: 1-0 +$800
12/01/10 NBA: 1-0 +$2000
11/19/10 NFL: 1-0 +$1050

Anyhow some of you may know I'm a Texans fan by location, so naturally I'm looking at this Texans/Titans game and I find a lot of value on the listed over/under at 47.5. Texans are a good over team when they are trailing at halftime because they have covered every second half when trailing by at least two scores at halftime. I do not see the Titans leading at halftime because, aside from the last game when they got that fishy cover courtesy of Fisher, the Titans had not scored an offensive TD in 9 quarters.

Furthermore, both of these teams are coming off primetime losses and mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. From a fan's standpoint, I hope the Texans tank the rest of their season. But I'm not betting on wishful thinking. (The Texans have a runt pig attitude and always try to prove they can make it above .500, only to achieve it and then under-perform towards the middle of the following season).The last time these two teams faced off, Titans QB Rusty Smith kept it under by himself while things got punchy in the secondary between Andre and Finneget-Whooped.  Johnson will be coming off a short week with an injured ankle. Houston will likely limit his pl... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 02, 2010 06:38 PM

Pitt @ Utah (shades of Oregon @ Boise State last year)

This is a very similar first week matchup of last year's Oregon @ Boise State game when LeGarrette Blount punched the Boise State offensive lineman. Oregon came into the season ranked higher than Boise State and were -2.5 playing at Boise State. Boise State ended up dominating that game while Oregon put up less than 10 total yards in the first half.

Utah is going to stack the box and dare the Pitt QB to throw it. Utah will be very balanced on offense and playing at home. I'll take the Utah team who will consistently gain yardage vs a Pittsburgh team that will rely too much on the running back with no experience at offensive line.

10 Units on Utah -3
1 Unit UAB/FLATL under 50


Posted Saturday, May 15, 2010 01:31 AM

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